What is Sweetener ?

What is Sweetener, Sugar free Molecule or Stevia?
what is sweetener

“Sweet” is such a sweet word which makes everyone happy. I have always asked you to avoid sugar or carbohydrates because of its dangerous effects. But I cannot ignore this fact as well that sweet taste has become an inseparable part of our lives. But today I have come up with a solution for your taste buds that is natural and artificial Sweeteners.

You must learn about sweeteners. Sweetener is a molecule when placed on tongue gives sweet taste by activating sweet receptors. Sugar Free means they are sugar like molecules but exactly not sugar molecules. Such molecules are with slight alteration in their structure in order to provide 0 (zero) Glycemic Index and 0 (zero) calories. There are numbers of sweeteners you can use from different sources which are caloric and non-caloric in nature.

As the name clarifies, caloric sweeteners are sweeteners that provide calories post consumption. Non caloric sweeteners do not provide calories to your body. But do you really need artificial sweeteners or sugarfree molecules? Of course, Yes! We need natural and artificial sweeteners because they do not add calories to food and also serve the purpose. You will get sweet taste without any sugar load on pancreas.

Which Sweetener to choose from?

No doubt the awareness about sweeteners is increasing day by day. Humans have sweet tooth so one always craves for sweet. As you now know the consequences of consuming sugary products, you need to choose those sweeteners which do not give you calories. But which sweetener or sugarfree molecules you should go for? How will you opt one from such a long available list of it in the present market?

I will guide you in best possible way so that you can prepare beverages such as tea, coffee and other drinks for yourself. These can also be a part of your home-made sweets. There are many sweeteners available in the market under different categories. You must choose a sweetener which can give you 0 (zero) calories and be excreted out of your body.

The Best Natural Sweetener is STEVIA or Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni. Its another name is “Meethi Tulsi” in Hindi or “Sweet Herbs”. Stevia is the one of the top-notch sweeteners available in the market that contains “No Sugar No Calorie”. Its Glycaemic index is 0 (zero). The bestpart is Stevia remains undigested and is secreted out by urine in humans through “Glucuronidation process”. So, it does not increase sugar level in blood!

Stevia, Erythritol and Sucralose (Sugarfree Molecules):

Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. 1 microgram of it is equal to 2 teaspoon or 10 grams of sugar. For your information, it gives a bitter aftertaste. That’s why most products for example STEVIOCAL would contain Rebudiana A with Erythritol to avoid the bitter taste. Now, the Glycemic index of Erythritol is also 0 (zero) and it does not increase your sugar level in blood! Erythritol contains 70% sweetness of sugar. When mixed with stevia, the taste of stevia becomes better as there is no bitter aftertaste.

Stevia comes in different forms in the market. Liquid form is the best because chances of adding fillers is minimum. There are higher chances of adulteration in its powder or tablet form. You must keep an eye on its ingredients. Never buy stevia containing fillers such as Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Cane Sugar, Maltose, Aspartame.

The least preferred non caloric artificial sweetener is Sucralose. It is made in laboratory from sugar by adding some chlorine atoms. Sucralose is 600 to 700 times sweeter than sugar. But stevia must be preferred over sucralose as it is a natural sweetener.


Conclusion is that in sweeteners, Stevia, erythritol, sucralose are highly acceptable! You must try them. Though they don’t give you the same taste as that of sugar, you need to be patient and give your tastebuds little time to adjust.  

I previously mentioned in my blog, “Carbohydrates- The Slow Sweet Poison” that sugar is extremely addictive and in fact 7 times more addictive than drugs like hash, weed, cocaine. Only you can fight for yourself to consume clean correct nutrition. A good habit takes time to develop.

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