“Sushant Singh Rajput – SSR Diaries Part 14”

Sanjay Gandhi


Earlier in my blog ,”Sushant Singh Rajput – SSR Diaries Part 13“, Sushant mentioned about functioning of the Underworld Mafia, Bollywood, Dalals, Angadias and Contacts. He spoke about the gangster, Manya Surve and his good doings. This blog will focus on Indira Gandhi & the Sanjay Gandhi’s Death and how there are no relationship boundations for political leaders.

Sushant Singh Rajput wrote in his diary, “Some powerful characters and figures have played a major role in this. These characters also changed their roles in the due course of time. One such very important character was one mother who plotted the death of her own son. It was her karma back when she too died at the hands of her wrong doings. I won’t be taking the name here but will give the hint on who the character is from this story.

This character is one of the most important character in this research of mine. This lady did many things during her lifetime. Her actions led to the formation of certain important group of people who now are a cancer to the nation. This mother was from a very influential family. She had a great respect and considered to be one of the most strongest characters. “

Indira Gandhi & Sanjay Gandhi’s Death


Sushant Singh continued, “When chapters on Indian women opens up, this mother is also a manly kind of a lady who has been the center subject of some books for a masculine sex appeal . She was the queen of controversy and had the courage to take some real tough decisions. These decisions were believed to be beneficial for our country in the longer run. This mother was a big part of many crimes, the crimes that never reported till date.

This mother was the main reason to cause the death of her own son as per the resources. There are many reasons of mentioning her here. The next slide I shall write in detail about her. But before we go there, a small round of introduction can actually help in the ice breaking. Despite being born in a powerful political family , things did not turn in her favor so easily. She had to go through a lot of struggle to make a mark in her initial days.

Though there was constant guidance from all corners, the struggle this women went through, my God, if she was actually a little better then the entire narrative would be different. The entire scenario would lead to 2 things.”

Indira Gandhi & Sanjay Gandhi’s Death continued

Sushant Rajput explained, “One is super prosperity and second is total destruction but maybe creator had other plans for her. She went in a way where there is another huge story altogether. But these deaths and the payback of karma gave rise to 2 groups of people. These were the ones who announced their entry to the prominence in royal style.

The scams in our country had its connections to the Underworld and Bollywood. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Politicians and the people in power had a core role in it. To explain this, I would like you to first know how important it is to understand the backdrop preparations around these scams. Just sticking to my research in chapters, the dirty secrets and the importance of the sim cards. How big a loss it was for these people that they could lay their hands on the Aadhaar alteration interface.

Before we go there and start, let me point out some interesting facts that will actually make you believe that I was on the right track. I was doing well in my fight after I got betrayed and yes the reason for this betrayal, be it whatsoever, it made me strong from within, even more stronger to emerge out more victorious in this fight. I got my hands on almost everything to end this dirty viscous circle of crimes that are happening in the society today.”

Shocking Moments For SSR

Sanjay Gandhi

Sushant Singh added, “I am going to start an important chapter now and as always before I proceed, let me remind you one thing. By the time you would be actually reading this, I would be put to task or would not be alive. This will be the only reason that you will be reading this. While reading this, also remember one thing ,this is not just solely my effort but the effort collectively of me and lot of people who were put to rest before they opened up. These camps also had led to some deaths which have been brushed aside as accidents or still remain mysterious.

The connection between scams and deaths is too deep. During the journey of my research I got in touch with lot of people who actually were confused. They were without answers and I feel so sorry for the condition they are in. I also sometime feel helpless that despite having almost everything needed to help out these people, I am actually doing nothing! Yes, when I actually wanted to do something, the agencies never supported me.

The list of shocks that I went through, I don’t know how to explain them in words to you but have made the best effort so far. I would continue to make the same effort so that I can keep it really simple and clear so that anyone who lays their hands on it gets it without much brainstorming.”

Shocking Moments For SSR continued

Sushant Singh expressed, “It took some time to study, some time to prepare and to get a team of like-minded people work together. It took some time to analyze the situation. I made some mistakes to realize that anyone who wants to do good has to go through a test. This test also means that the person has to give up his or her own life. I don’t know what life has store in for me and I am prepared to face everything that is in store for me. But I am sure that the people who have done wrong will be punished one day.

If I live to say it, I would be grateful to god for it and if I die and this work of my becomes the reason for it, I would be thankful to god almighty for making this happen.

Hence this woman is the center subject of this chapter. Through the journey of her life you will find answers for why I am writing all this in detail.  It might actually make you understand what made me do this, so let’s begin.”

Sanjay Gandhi Slapped Indira Gandhi

The Death Of Sanjay Gandhi

Rajput added, “The journey began not very positively for this woman. As people who knew her, say, she was self-made and involved in lot of things and had ill health issues too. There was one time in her life when she connected to her father through letters. Slowly and steadily, she rose in the ranks to hold the highest office she could, in her field ,one day . A lot of people supported her during this journey and made her achieve the impossible which neither happened till date.

There is no chance this would happen again in near future too. She was one lady who was bold and outspoken yet reserved and disciplined. This mother was one women who had this rare knack of turning the tide in her favor. Indira Gandhi was the single mastermind behind one of the biggest controversy that happened in our country. Moreover people closed to her believed that Indira Gandhi was ruthless about making decisions. One such decision was killing her own son that not many know.

The story is like this. She has 2 sons. The elder was a shyish kind of a character but the younger one was bold, outspoken and was considered to be the heir to his mother. But one night the tables were beautifully dressed and that entire room had people well dressed sitting by these tables. They all were having their fill. Out of nowhere her son came and slapped her 6 times recorded to date.”

The Death Of Sanjay Gandhi

Sushant Singh Rajput said, “This son just walked out, following which the stars changed both for the mother and the son. This fight between the mother and son made the entire nation to go on a national holiday, for days together. Yes, this became the reason this powerful woman had to protect her own self esteem. She needed to get back the sympathy to where she felt she belonged. This mother played the money in the drowning river till the time the water was up to her nose.

She tried to stand her ground hard. But once it came to her nose she put her son below her feet and stood on him to get back to power. If you got it, its good that you have lived around the story. A little bit on research on the hand can help you get to the picture as to who the women is. You will also relate to why the death of Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi happened in quick social succession has a major role to play in the history of crime, mafia and syndicate!

The next slide is on how this mother, Indira Gandhi passed away. Some months later, the elder son also died followed her death too. The sequence of events that led to these deaths are the only reason I have put this out in the form of a story. Because I don’t want to take any chances but to make sure only the message is spread.”

Sequence of Death & Scams

Rajput continued, “If you have the slightest of the doubt that I am not making any sense then let me tell you, I have documented proof for the mother’s involvement in the death of her younger son, the elder son’s involvement more likely to save his life in the death of the mother and another family’s member involvement in the death of the elder son and the connected scam and the impacts that follows.”

My Conclusion

Some of you may think that why am I talking about Gandhi family? What it has to do with Bollywood? Well, Sushant was doing research on Bollywood’s involvement in various crimes. Bollywood lays its hands on drugs, women trafficking, money laundering, hawala etc. Hawala is the channel for turning black money into white money so Sushant was finding that for who does Bollywood work for?

He found that it has connections with the scam in the country so he went to research about them. At the end of this blog he mentioned that the death of this woman and the three death in succession i.e Sanjay Gandhi’s death followed by Indra Gandhi followed by Rajiv Gandhi. These deaths have relation with the scam happening. He wanted to tell us that It is just the beginning of the scams that took or taking place place in the country.

SSR was such a genius that the mafia killed him for mainly 3 reasons. His work on Artificial Intelligence and his fight to expose drug and child trafficking mafia!”

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