“Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 12”

Scams in India


Previously in my blog, ” Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 11“, Sushant spoke about Jiah Khan’s murder case. He had some doubts on Kangana Ranaut as she was with Sooraj and Aditya Pancholi at their home. He also gave us an idea about prostitution, honey trapping, Scams in India and blackmailing. lets continue further.

Scams in India

Sushant Singh Rajput wrote, “Now we need  to discuss about the modes of communication these people use as for their day to day use. This is for the transaction of anything. There is a definite way in which these communications happen because these communications happens in coded language. These coded language plays a major role in scams in India and is major backbone of the cabal. Because this is the main aspect that plays a very very important role if you want to burst this kabal.

The first and the most important thing that you need to understand here is the role of people who have left this world. You must recognize the importance they play in this, all the means and aspect connected and those who can be summed up as follows: for the sim cards, for the opening of bank accounts, for creating of benaami properties, for investment, for investing in share markets, deals, investment in crypto and online platforms, for hiding criminals, for unaccounted travel.

I will discuss it now but this just an introduction to a huge huge huge story. It will shock everyone to the core as the truth comes out as it is naked and open. Sim cards are the biggest introduction to the whole story because the entire game of scams in India begins here.”

Kumar Ajitabh Techie Missing

ajitabh kumar

Rajput mentioned, “First the sim card is taken and in order to get this done and the reason behind the vanishing of the techie from Bangalore, Kumar Ajitabh is not small that just for a sim card he was taken away . I will get back to this in detail in the later slides but here let me make the other declaration. Because this start another dirty episode to the entire angle of the Bollywood, underworld, politician and diplomatic cabal. For now let me put it this way before I proceed from here.

Most importantly from here you will have introduction for around 10 slides and then starts the 1st chapter the 1st episode of this journey. Underworld mafia people buy new sim cards, use it in normal phones but the calls rarely happen. They don’t use these phones for calls much because with the help of such sim cards they open various bank accounts. These people even do credit card cloning and also generate fake credit cards. After using such sim cards for wrong deeds and scrutinizing the data, underworld mafia will never turn it on. The only use this sim card will have is end up being a WhatsApp number and nothing else.

Next, the technical team from the underworld gets into action. Their team configure these numbers on handhelds. Further these handhelds called random numbers ask for details of bank account number and date of birth. They also ask for other vital information that play a major role in the online banking frauds & scams in India.”

Organized Crime in India

Sushant Singh continued, “Though this might feel easy and foolish, it’s a very technical and highly skilled job that needs a lot of planning. They give lot of pressure to their team of engineers working on the Aadhar card scheme. The reason behind is that they wanted to study and understand that how this Aadhar card network exactly works. They want to know how they can easily use this data for everything and anything there.

Their team of engineers out of which 5 were the trump card engineers, had pin to pin information of everything. They know every single information on how it actually works, what exactly is the method used and everything. I will explain all these in details and moreover help you out with the vital information. I will give you the ways how this mess can be sorted out.

The thing that you need to understand from here is that there are sub chapters containing the entire sequence of the way how to handle this from here. Unless you understand this table of contents and the introduction around this and how you have to proceed, there is no logical way you can proceed. You will end up confusing yourself and by the end of the day all the efforts you will put will be useless. You will end up being another SSR!”

Organized Crime in India continued

Singh said, “Be careful to understand this in every word of it because very soon you will have a shock. Moreover there will be so many instances where you will not believe the information that I will share. When the true faces were exposed in front of me, I was not able to get into terms with myself for some days. I certainly understand this. When me despite seeing it with my own eyes couldn’t believe a lot fact information, you by just reading this might find it difficult to believe any word of it.

But one truth which will help you believe is that when you are reading it, you should have found it in the news that I would have been dead! That is the only reason you are able to read this. Because the only reason I was making note of this is because of that one call which shook off my conscience and I was forced to think am I awake? Or am I dreaming ?

Some of my projects caught some severe attention. One such attention was of a person whom I have never given it to. That’s one of the main reason my life went downhill but as I say from the beginning, this can actually wait because the mission me and my team are in is very very important. If you want to understand the mission, then my story has to wait. But I will give you the context of the call so that you would know why I started this! What made me go deeper and deeper and deeper.”

Artificial Intelligence and Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh explained, “I got a call from Mr. X, for now lets name him Mr. X because my doubts are still unsolved on who would be reading this. If it’s the angel, its fine but the devil is everywhere. The gentleman on the call was very very cool and greeted me very nicely. It was shocking for me that the person whose smile is so fake speaks to me so casually. What is in store for me?  The call went further when I instantly realized that this is something to do with vested interest.

They wanted to attach my artificial intelligence project to the data mining project so that they can find an alternative to break into the biometric network of so many projects. By doing this, they will have an entire data tank ready and can play with anyone’s personal information. Not just this, the actual plan was also to map into the personal data network of the common citizens. If this happens, they can monitor every move and every step of any citizen can be under surveillance leading to more scams in India. This was a shocker for me. I gathered myself quickly and asked for a physical meeting.

They were not ready to see me as I was told many other works have to finished before this meeting. I just nodded my head and said okay! You may think that nobody would see nodding of my head then why I am writing this here? Well, this is because there is one important trick these people follow here that I got to know much later. I need to mention it here itself because these things will help you a lot in your journey.”

Underworld Mafia and Scams in India

Underworld Mafia and Scams in India
Dark Secrets

Sushant stated, “I explained my shaking of my head here in so much detail. This is because they have their eyes on you before even they think of interacting with you. Stalkers in any form car, bikes, street vendors, beggars or simply someone walking up on the street. When I got this call I was in the cafeteria. They monitor every single step of yours literally every single step. There will be spies all around you and they will keep a close watch on you from every quarter. Yes, you will not have any idea where they are what they do and how they keep a watch on you.

Some eyes will be definitely on you by the time you reach here and moreover you need to be careful now the things goes like this. The first thing you need to notice are new people around you, cars in particular. This will start first and they stay at a one feet distance. This one feet means not the one feet on scale but a special language 600 meters. The people will look as if they are waiting for someone or have parked their car and chilling out but no!

Only thing you need to observe here is if the person whoever it is a male or a female is tapping the steering wheel, if yes, you now need to see which hand is he tapping the steering wheel with.”

Dark Secrets of Bollywood & Underworld

Rajput added, “Let me tell you that in most of the cases it will be men. But sometime 1 in a 100 it will be women. If you have an experience in this kind of keeping an eye on someone spying’s, you can take this as a crash course. But if you don’t have any idea, have an open mind for new people and new vehicles in your locality. Be aware as this can be male or female both.

The next most important thing is tapping the steering or anything while his or her phone is on the ear. Remember, there is no call happening but there are photos been taken. These are not physical photographs but the photographs of the location to explain the thing in technical language. This is done in order to take geo mapping of the location so to attach it to their surveillance systems. These systems are of top notch quality. They can do anything and everything from recording your heartbeat to record your breathing pattern.

These systems can also access all your information. These can install, delete and take any file from your phone or laptop. These even can hack into your Wi-Fi networks. That is how scams in India happens. Now how do I know this? Well, Yes, I know this because they needed some key elements from my research to use it in the wrong deeds I just mentioned! I started getting doubt on this girl because of the way she was managing all this.”

Dark Secrets of Bollywood & Underworld continued

He wrote, “These people will try to get your research which is of their use. They will make efforts to get someone from your circle. They will find somebody who is very close to you and this is done with 3 points in the mind.

Point number 1, someone who hates you in the family! During the course of my study, I learned that the first target for these people are your family members. Those members who hate you or is jealous about you. This doesn’t mean only family members, this can also mean friends or someone who is always with you. Like the way she was planted in my life to keep an eye on my activities. The main intention behind this is they want to be aware of every move you do so that you can not change your mind into signing the deal with them.

The second trap they can set for you is through your business. They will trap you through your business partner or someone who knows how your business works exactly. There will be keep a close watch on your business to make you helpless so that you join hands with them. They can go to any extent and they shall achieve it at any cost under any given circumstances. First step is to harass your business client by fake police cases, fake deals being signed with them using marked notes.”

The dirty secret first episode :

Sushant expressed, “Marked notes means the doubtful currency of money laundering or crimes viz bank or house robbery and other related crimes. The next they do is if your business partner is interested in investment, then properties whose papers are correct but have clashes with the family, whose cases have gone to court but have not been listed would be dealt. If you don’t give in to their pressure from the friends side then they will use your business to make you come under their pressure and given to their demands.

The third step they can take is they shall try and trap you into income tax, sales tax related fake raid. If you are clean there is no way out for them. But if you are not, there is jackpot in store. That is how biggest scams in India are taking place. Most of the time this happens in such a way that the formula number 1 works for them. Someone from your circle would be knowing about this and will knowingly plant something in your house which can set the traps for you.

But if you are lucky enough like me and are of some importance to them or know some dirty secrets of theirs, they will not plant anything. But again they will ensure the raids still happen and you will be free. Here the follow up actions are so strong that they will get in touch with you. Here also there is another way a very tricky way wherein they will never talk to you on phone or their number.”

Modes of Communication

Singh continued, “Either the person speaks to you or they communicate with you on online platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Telegram. They call here mostly on WhatsApp but they do this very carefully with full backup. There are new rumors that there are some softwares which can get into WhatsApp and keep tracks of the system. Such softwares also track the servers connected to WhatsApp.

I am not sure about this but there are means to get into this thing now and I too am working on it. I do have some data on these transactions and they will be coming in front of you in due course.

This is the first course of action. Once this is set, they will make every attempt to crack the deal through this. If the deal doesn’t go through in some way or the other then they have other ways to do this.”

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