Personality Development or Career Development ?

Personality Development or Career Development

Introduction to Personality Development or Self Improvement

In Personality development, a person grooms himself or herself to make a mark of his/her own. I would rather like to address it with a different name i.e. “ Self-Improvement”, which is crucial in everybody’s life. You need to have a style of your own so that others can follow you. You practise your duties in such a way so that people can learn from you.

Personality development or self improvement not only includes a good look and being presentable but also teaches to behave appropriately in different situations.

Many of us lack learning attitude. And I am lucky to see the greatest examples within my friends and even relatives. It entirely depends upon an individual that how keen he or she is to learn new things and skill sets, no matter from where one is getting it. But there are human beings who assume that they are the wisest of all. So they are not open in developing their personality, instead it starts declining.

Learning is a lifetime and never ending process. Only an optimistic person can go through this process in order to amplify his or her persona.  An individual with a negative attitude finds a problem in every situation and can never make it.

What is Personality Development ?

Self Improvement

Are you supposed to work on your clothes or some materialistic things when it comes to personality development? Well, many people often get confused with this term because they relate it to the outer or physical appearance but in reality it is not so. You must look good but it will be a cherry on the cake if you also improvise other traits. It is a requirement to raise your level in terms of education, learning, communication, etiquette, cultural values and most importantly the way you represent yourself inculcating all these in a confident manner.

Personality development is an understanding how your mind works adapting all the above skills and making things applicable.

Will I be able to speak English ?

I run a fitness education academy and I come across many students with good physique. People usually think that a person having a good physique doesn’t require any further personality development such as the body builders. Our brain literally stop thinking when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Let me add a point. A person like a bodybuilder may have a beautiful body but do you think that they all are presentable too?

Here presentability is in the context with the way they communicate, behave, how well cultured and confident they are etc. A good body certainly adds up to your looks and style but these all have a short term effect on people. Students join us and the most frequent questions they ask, “kya mein english bol paaunga? Kya mein personal training ke liye logo ko convince kar paaunga?”( Will I be able to speak English? Will I we able to convince client for personal training?)

Now these statements clearly shows that they have a good physique or a materialistic factor with them but they lack in the ability to present it. This is the foremost reason that their career takes a long period to reach heights or they might struggle for the rest of their lives.

Role of Parents in Personality Development

Personality development must start early in everyone’s life as it is the true reflection of someone’s inner being. Here I am referring to my students and their parents. Parents are the roots of their children’s lives as they can help them to flourish in their future. If you think deeply, parents training must be foremost because they pass it on to their kids. Every parent wants their child to have a stable career. But the sad part is they themselves lack in knowledge and skills that can help their child to reach an optimum goal.

Self improvement is the set of traits that shape the inner and outer being of a person in an organised manner so that an individual can become distinctive with respect to his or her character, behaviour, attitude and the way he or she visualises the world.

Fitness Cravers Academy & Personality Development

Most fitness institutions in India do not provide personality development sessions to students. We at Fitness Cravers Academy are focusing on promoting such skills and try our level best to teach our students the importance of these skill sets. We provide International ISSA and NASM Certification courses like Certification in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition. These certification courses are having a maximum duration of 5 months.

A good overall personality plays a key role in setting up a person’s life. But the number of classes here allotted for Personality Development are not enough to groom an individual. This is because such individuals are not guided by their parents since ages. So it becomes a very difficult task for us to train them in the given short time!  

To work on the things like accent, poise, body language, dressing sense, character and conduct, self discipline, will power, duty responsibility, convincing skills, controlling the weaknesses etc. definitely requires a separate course.


Accepting the fact that this is not a game of one day or one month, Fitness Cravers Academy’s team still has taken up the challenge to fortify our talented youth, pursuing their career in the fitness industry as a fitness professional or wellness coach. Our motive is to provide this country a rich and well trained man power along with some basic presentability!

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