“Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 3”

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Sushant Singh Rajput & His Mission:

I am back with my mission to provide you with chief information which Sushant Singh Rajput saved in his drives. Sushant wanted to expose “Big People” from various industries which was the main reason behind his murder. It is easy for the nexus to either buy or kill the person who comes in their way. It is my duty to spread Sushant Singh Rajput’s words as much as I can.

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Sushant Singh Rajput and Patent artificial intelligence

In Today’s blog, you will find that Sushant had some information that he wanted to pass on to officials so that they could take some action on it. On the contrary, those officials or people told him to shut his mouth and forget about the matter. He got a clear idea that everyone already knew the matter. He was then confused that what should be his next step. Sushant Singh Rajput referred to the person who will get the access of his drives after his death. He spoke about his team who would help the person working for the same mission in future.

His Artificial Intelligence team would support the right candidate at right time after his death. Sushant was not sure who would get the access of his drives. He so wanted us to understand his frame of mind when he was writing the information in his drives. He said as per his conscience his drives would not fall in wrong hands. And if it would, he had also prepared some backups for it. Sushant was sure and mentioned many times that he would not be breathing by the time someone would read his drives.

Threat to SSR

Sushant stated, “One of the main reasons for me to write in such details was since the day I got into all this, I made my efforts to reach out to people who I felt would get to the root of the cause. None seem interested or showed even the slightest of the concern to give me time to say what I had to say. Now when that happens it clearly means that the mess is not something which is unknown. Everyone is well aware of what is happening around and yet has turned blind, deaf and dumb and have turned non responsive too.

I pay my taxes on time and I do my duty honestly. And still nobody gives me a chance to share my findings out. In fact they tell me to keep my mouth shut on all these issues. What’s my role here? What is my gain by doing all this? What must be my next step is a big big confusion which I know time will answer for sure.

I duly apologize and I am sorry for eating the time of the person who is going to read this if something happens to me. But kindly understand my frame of mind that dead cannot speak.”

SSR & His Diaries

Sushant Singh continued, “If you have laid hands on this, that means I have stopped breathing. And I don’t want you to go through the same pain I have gone through. My team would know what kind of situation you would be in mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

There is a myth that a soul can see everything from above and does guide people. I myself too experienced this thing during the course of my research. Trust me, when you get to that stage where efforts of yours are close to the results and you are under any pressure, this work of mine will guide you to a spot. There you will find something which will actually help you fight this much better.

But after getting my drives if you feel that you are now successful in trying to destroy my work, you are not right. let me make my one point very clear. Each and every file is encrypted and you will need real effort to destroy the encryption and understand what is the real research about.  I have carefully streamlined this matter in a jumbled way. And if you found success in opening this page then that means yours and my thought process is same.”

SSR & His Back Up Plans

He added, “I m a person with a clean heart and always wished good for everyone. And I am sure as my conscience says this will not get into wrong hands. Before you continue any further, please remember one thing! Continuing from here means you are trying to give the shape to the dreams of someone. A person who laid his life for this. 

Any kind of intentions otherwise, kindly stop right here. My AI and other researches are in right hands. The moment I pass away, a team of frustrated individuals will come into action when everything shall die down and people tend to forget the matter. My team is a set of those people whom I trust. They are those whom neither the society nor you as a reader would know.

I have prepared the plans and backups till your actions start to show that you are the person of the same thoughts. I would tell you how to get to the files and folders that shall lead you to the world that I would consider is my kind of world. Let me make one thing clear. There would be a lot of explanations on each and every minute aspect. You will need to have a lot of patience. Your rewards if my conditions are met are waiting for you. Long live humanity, my conscience speaks!”

SSR In My Words

So, Sushant Singh Rajput has a pattern of revealing the dirty secrets of influential people. He will give right set of information at the right time. I will now brief the content in my words which you are going to read below. Sushant said that he was manhandled. In my upcoming blogs you will come to know that he was also doing research on Jiah Khan’s death and he found something. He went to police station in Mumbai as he wanted to expose and complain about the wrong happenings. 

But Sushant was beaten up by the Mumbai police and others. That is why he said that he was a celebrity and if powerful people could stop him from speaking the truth out, so he could understand the condition of a common man. Sushant gives an idea how this nexus or syndicate operates who kill or murder people but everyone including media project it as suicide, accident, cardiac arrest or death due to robbery.  

He also mentioned that someone burned his diary and papers so to protect the information from falling into wrong hands, he started securing the information in drives. How smart this guy was.

Bollywood The Brothel

Sushant Singh was also sure that media will not show his death the way it will happen because media is a prostitute. He said that he would unmask the faces of such crooks in media in his diaries who work for influential people to spread hatred in the country. Sushant described the prostitution going on in his industry and how the real talent is going waste.

He called that place a Brothel. If women were cool to be the high profile escorts then the agencies would promote them otherwise not , not even talented ones. That is how talent management and agencies work. It is time to read his words.

Murder Mysteries In Bollywood

Sushant Singh wrote, “The reason of writing details here is because a celebrity like me was manhandled. This is because I wanted to speak the truth out. What has happened to the laws of our country? Are we puppets for someone? Someone sitting elsewhere can use us for their own selfish motives, hatred, violence and a lot of things. It looks small but this is totally connected to one and other.

There are criminals who organize crime in such a way that it looks very simple. I will quote some incidents here so that when someone reads this, he instantly connects to my thought process. Some thieves tried to snatch a chain and killed that person or death in a family due to some house robbery. In the above two examples, the actual reason of death was different like a revenge or so. But media would show that the death was due to robbery.

In order to understand the way these people work, we first need to analyse. We first have to make mental notes of deaths of normal citizens who were never in the limelight. And passed away in these accidents or robbery incidents.”

“The Doctor”- Sassoon General Hospital

Sushant said, “There was a death of a duty doctor of Sassoon General Hospital in Pune in a road accident in 2017. This never made any news or gained any mileage in the media. The reason I am not describing this death in detail now is because of the some concerns I have. This doctor had to examine some medicines which would play a vital role in the Jan Aushadhi Campaign. This campaign was being planned on a large scale.

This accident clearly states that the people responsible for doctor’s death didn’t want him to prescribe, promote or spread the word about this. I met top police officials, people with heavy influence and those who are rule makers in the country today. If me despite being the star can be played with, I go out of words to try and analyze what would be the condition of the common citizen of our country.

The pain I took and the time I invested behind this should not go waste. This is one of the main reasons, I am writing each of this down in so detail. And if applied properly with a clean and detached mind, you can actually visualize what I am trying to say.”

Media Is The Prostitute

Sushant Singh Rajput described, “It is very important that you understand each word of this introduction. I have taken so much of pain to ensure I keep it as simple as possible because if you get this then you can actually start from where I have stopped or was put to rest and continue from there without wasting much time. It is too painful to write about the incident when somebody burned and destroyed my diary and my papers.

So I decided to do it this way. Now at least nobody can burn or destroy these drives even if set on fire.  The proof for the same is the fact that a true and a honest soul like you is getting to read this. Be rest assured that a team of my people will bring this out to the naked eye when some people will kill me and the outcome in media will be something else.

Media has become the prostitute in the hands of these powerful people and I have written in detail about those crooks in media who are hand in glove with the people who want to spread hatred in our country.”

Sushant Singh Rajput Life

Sushant stated, “So, this is quite adamant as there have been instances in my own personal life on the same. And I cannot blame anyone for not being able to open their mouth. The main reason this cabal is so strong is because there are no evidences against them and they trade on the fear of people. This fear is what a common man calls “Izzat” or “Self esteem” is their biggest weapon. I too was of the same category. 

But now I realize what is happening in the society. People like me are silent and I feel “Agar zameer hi mar jati hai izzat ke chakkar mein to aisi izzat kis kaam ki!” ( If your conscience dies because of the respect you think of maintaining in public’s eye, then what is the use of having such respect!)

So, this entire network works with a definite agenda. The agenda is the marketing agencies and the private security setups. This is clear to the naked eye that people who were once actors now have their own private security funds.

Prostitution In Bollywood

He continued, “And what more do I have to write here when it is clear to the naked eye how the talent recruitment and celebrity management agencies work. Back then auditions used to happen based on acting talent but today is it the same? Being an artist myself, it is not right I should be speaking on these lines. 

But if I look at the current trend that is running in the industry if this continues, in a few years down the line, the industry which spoke volumes on talent would end up being nothing but a brothel. The innocent fans who come to watch movies will end up fantasizing themselves to match to trend of these mirch masala movies. The Family values definitely will go for a huge huge toss.

This industry is my bread and butter but I don’t want my food to be cooked which has smell of an innocent’s blood. This has to change and I will change it.”


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