Bananas for Weight Gain

bananas for weight gain

Are Bananas Healthy ?

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Few common questions that you may have at the back of your mind are, “Can I Eat Bananas For Weight Gain? Are bananas healthy? Are banana chips good for health? It is good time to rethink either ways. Technically, we can eat whatever we want to eat except toxic food material. But if we are looking forward to health benefits then your choices of food must be healthy and worth eating.

In my previous blog ,” Are apples good for weight loss?, I beautifully and thoroughly explained as to why should you avoid eating fruits! Fruits contain fibers that place unnecessary load on your digestive system as your body can not digest them. The second major reason of not choosing any fruit source is non alcoholic fatty liver. One of the main reasons for this disease is consumption of too many fruits.

Fruits nowadays are hybrid and artificially created. The fruits which you eat now were never available in nature in this form. This blog will differentiate on how bananas used to look in olden times and presently what is their appearance! You will also know how its chemical composition has changed over a period of time giving adverse effects to your body systems.

Can I Eat Bananas For Weight Gain ?

Can I Eat Bananas For Weight Gain ?
Banana in Olden Times
Genetically Modified Banana

Observe the given picture. It is representing the difference between the banana in olden times and after genetic modification. Earlier it was very much edible but now it is nothing more than a mere fruit pulp. This modification has been done in order to meet the demands of food in the market. It is the result of the drastic increase in the population. Over a period of time, the components of banana has not only been changed physically but chemically as well.

Fruits contain fructose and there is significant rise in its fructose level. Fructose is the sweetest form of sugar found in nature. It is much sweeter than glucose. Scientifically speaking, if you consume fructose all alone, its absorption rate in body is too poor. But when you consume banana, it contains fructose along with glucose, that makes absorption rate of fructose higher!

There is one more concept known as Glycemic Index or GI. Glycemic Index is a number that gives you an idea of how fast your blood glucose level rises after the consumption of carbs or sugars. The more the glycemic index, more the absorption speed and more the insulin spike.  

Bananas For Weight Gain continued

When banana is not ripened fully, it has lower glycemic index i.e. around 35-40 but as it ripens, Glycemic Index starts increasing and can go up to 50-55. So the evolution of banana, genetic modification, sugar content and their effect on our body, all answer this question whether bananas are healthy or not. If you still want to consume them, you must do it in moderation.

Having fruits once in a blue moon is not a bad option but people who think that by eating bananas or fruits, they will gain or loose weight in a healthy manner, then their this thought process is not completely right. Yes, you will definitely achieve weight gain or weight loss but that will not be healthy but bad instead.

Apart form this, let me answer the next question if banana chips are healthy or not! As banana ripens, its Glycemic index increases pressurizing your pancreas to release more and more Insulin in order to control blood glucose level hence cooking or frying them in oil can never be healthy at all. I am not denying the fact that it will not help in gaining weight, it will certainly but sadly only the fat mass and not the muscle mass. Because fruits like bananas do not contain any protein.

Can I Eat Banana At Night ?

Can I eat banana at night?  Scientifically, there is no adequate research on it. You already know that eating sugars anytime will be harmful and not going to favor your body. But as per Ayurveda, you must not eat banana at night as it lead to mucus formation in body. This mucus formation may in turn lead to choked throat.

If you are prone to cold and cough issues, chances are higher that you may have a bad day ahead because of banana ill effects. It is always good to avoid bananas in mornings because your growth hormone is at peak. Consuming sugars in mornings will affect growth hormone functioning. Sugars tend to spike Insulin hormone in your body and spiked insulin will in turn hamper functioning of growth hormone thereby disturbing anabolism or building processes in body.


There are many articles claiming various health benefits of bananas as well as other fruits. But if you go deep into the science and think logically, you will find that many adverse effects of fruits may hamper your health as they contain fructose or glucose that are carbohydrates. Consuming them in moderation is not a problem but avoid overconsumption. Carbs/saccharides/sugars can never be beneficial for your body instead harmful in many ways.

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