Etiquettes-Hate Speech in Political Debate, Narendra Modi & Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi & Prasoon Joshi, Gender Equality

Wisdom of Etiquettes:

Mr. Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India and I can observe his efforts to improve the present condition of our country. But still, where is our youth heading to?  What is happening to the intellect of Indian citizens? Do you really think that they are on the right path?  You live in a modern world where everyone is busy in running and winning their races. You feel blessed that you have all needful resources next to your doorstep whether it’s a food item or medicine. Despite having the access to all resources, still wisdom lacks to a great extent. Would you support me if I say that wisdom of etiquettes is lacking in today’s era?

Be it is nutrition or exercise; I always try the best possible way to throw some lights on the same. For example, “Importance of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C” and “Exercises in Gym”. There must be numerous instances where you may talk about technology, advancement, wisdom, knowledge but I regret to tell you that while running in this race, you have overlooked the basic yet important thing that is “ETIQUETTES”. 

Someone is right to say, “Log na jaane kis tarah sambhaalenge ye zindgi ke rishte, khud ki zara si zabaan sambhali nhi jati”. (I wonder how people will handle their life and relationships, when they are unable to handle their mere tongue). The quote is very meaningful and deep as it explains the bitter truth of life.

Hate Speech in Political Debate

Let’s figure out where exactly the issue lies! Have a look at the politicians who are our country’s representatives and administrators.  Where these politicians must have been the idol of the youth, they are individuals with idle mind.  You pay your taxes on time and vote for the country’s betterment. But here it seems the main job of different political parties is just to abuse each other without giving it a thought that what impact it is going to place on the people of India. Ask yourself a question. Do these leaders have etiquettes?

Whenever you switch on the news channel, you will certainly find them brawling with each other using the most disgusting and obnoxious words. I wonder where those etiquettes disappear which these politicians flaunt while delivering their speech and asking for votes. No doubt, their speech or debates is gradually becoming sick as a few of them are spreading hatred and dirt through their words on the name of freedom of speech and expressions.

None of them will speak about the jobs and duties to be done for people’s and country’s welfare and development. On the contrary, they look for opportunities to turn the other party down by giving a list of the work that their opposition could not accomplish.

Dear Political Leaders, don’t you think that it will be better if you come up with a catalogue of your achievements for the country! So that citizens of India can decide who is more deserving candidate.

Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Let me illustrate the polite behaviour and etiquettes of our leaders. Whenever a political leader addresses the politician in opposition, he or she should do it with respect. What we are witnessing nowadays is completely opposite. To give an example, Mr Rahul Gandhi, from Indian National Congress raised a slogan against Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

Mr. Narendra Mpdi has often referred to himself as a “chowkidar” (watchman) of India and promised that he would serve the country, not as a Prime Minister, but as a watchman. He belongs to Bhartiya Janta Party in India. A slogan raised by Mr Rahul Gandhi, against him was Chowkidar Chor Hai, ‘The watchman is a thief’.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi wanted to convey the allegations of favoritism and price escalation by Mr. Modi in the Dassault Rafale deal. Not only this, Mr Gandhi’s party often referred to him as Chaiwala, “Teamaker”.

Etiquettes & Language Of Insult

We all know Mr. Narendra Modi is very senior to him be it is age or designation. Mr. Rahul Gandhi never gives or at least shows that respect towards him. Despite of the education and having a well-versed family, the result is shameless. Mr Gandhi lack in etiquettes which I think were never taught to him. Chances are higher that this may not be in their genes.

I am curious to ask him one question. How would he feel if he is given the same treatment by his son or daughter? Or if his father, Mr Rajeev Gandhi was alive, would he have accepted the same behaviour from a young leader in opposition?  Mr Rahul Gandhi does not have the maturity to understand that he is promoting the language of insult to be used against our elders.

Mr. Narendra Modi & Mr. Prasoon Joshi

Second example is Mr. Prasoon joshi, a senior lyricist and a communication specialist. He was taking an interview of Mr. Narendra Modi while sitting in chair and crossing his legs. This is my point. Mr Modi, being a Prime Minister of a country, was sitting straight keeping feet flat on the floor without crossing his legs or ankle. But Mr. Prasoon Joshi kept his carefree attitude alive with the crossed legs.

Is it a part of etiquettes sitting in chair with crossed leg posture in front of your senior, father, mentor, or teacher? I don’t think so! We must observe that we are gradually losing our moral values.

Gender Equality

Last, we can discuss about the “Gender Equality”. Gender equality is beneficial with respect to motivation. But we cannot neglect the fact that there is a basic difference between opposite sexes created by God. A mother holds a superior position in a family and is considered as the pillar of house. Even if a woman is working and earns a handsome salary, her family will still look upon her for almost everything in the house.

A woman needs to be a very good manager to handle the situations at home and at office. Whatever etiquettes she learns from her parents are being taught to her kids just to make them more cultured and civilized.

If she’s married and have kids, she will always be held responsible for the good or bad behaviour and moral values of a child. This is because of the intense bonding a mother shares with her kids in comparison to father.

The Golden Days

Earlier in India, male was responsible to go out and earn bread and butter for his family and female had to manage the house with kids. That was the best era as everything was working the way it should have been. Nowadays both mother and father are working to meet their daily needs where neither father nor mother get sufficient time to spend with their children.

Learning is important and it demands time. Today everyone is blaming each other for the wrong happenings in their houses or the society. People do not realise that this situation will continue and even become worse if not handled smartly and efficiently. The addiction to drugs, abusive language and the crimes taking place in our society are due to lack of etiquettes, moral values and short of knowledge of what is good and what is bad!  

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