“Sushant Singh Rajput – SSR Diaries Part 18”

Artificial Intelligence Project


Sushant Singh’s Artificial Intelligence Project

Here we need to understand one thing. The fact is that we all have one thing in common in our minds. We think that these things are not that important. But often these are the most important things that comes in consideration when an issue in hand is to be discussed. The only thing as a human being we tend to forget is that the base holds the key to the entire subject and that’s what this project will do.

This AI will ensure that we have a strong base created wherein we can always ensure that we will have Artificial Intelligence Project. AI does a lot of progress on this and this project will just be the kick start. Once it comes into action, most investigation and raids can get you answers on your fingertips. I have prepared it in such a way that not just investigations, this project is super user friendly and can be used by anyone and everyone.”

Artificial Intelligence Project Continued

He added, “What is most important here is the application of this Artificial Intelligence project and the monitoring too. Once this is ready I can give a straight forward guarantee that this project will be very very useful. It will be useful and handy in order to execute such important tasks. Anyone can use the project both commercially and personally. All these home locking system and other aspects around security too can be handled using these project.


But please as I have been cheated out on my idea more than once and the only way to get to the completion of this project is as I have discussed in the earlier slide we need to be careful to ensure no one knows what work is going on till the project is actually complete. Once it is completed, there is no looking back. We will give first preference to one who can use this Artificial Intelligence Project wisely and this can also fetch me my world record. My name shall be inscribed on the record book that is if you consider me worthy to be given credits.

let me now go ahead and say that from the next slide onwards I am about to begin the real chapter. The real chapter for which I actually created this entire slide. As I always say, please please read the entire slide first before you want to take any action. Because each word written here is in a totally different context and yet it is very important that you understand.”

Sushant Singh Rajput Depression theory

SSR wrote, ” ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Can you see these 2 blank lines I just left and let me explain it why. How do we purposefully proceed further leaving 2 and a half line blank here? I will explain this in the last slide of mine as I know anyone’s blood will boil. If while reading this, your instinct made you do what I did then these 2 lines will be your savior. Because unless you know about the 2 blank lines and the real things around this, you will not be able to do the complete damage.

Moreover if your instinct forces you to do it, then these 2 lines that I missed holds the complete chapter with all the documents and the videos too. It will only open once you are done with reading these 2 lines and the chapter attached to it. See what all happened to me should not happen with anyone else. Here I would like to make one statement to you so that you are clear in your mind that what my take is, what I want to say and why I am doing this.

Well after reading all my work and reaching here, you might for a while feel or get an impression that I am going through depression but I would like to say that the only opinion I have about myself is that I have no opinion. I am not that weak for my problems to get the better of me because from a very young age what I was taught by my mon and what life has taught me is that fire burns inside you or the fire can burn you too.”

“Fire burns inside you or the fire can burn you too”

Singh stated, “If I put it in Hindi and then translate it in English, I think I will be able to explain this better. Because reading such blind articles make me laugh loud that how small can people’s thought process be, both the ones who writes these and the ones who reads it, believes it is true. “ AGNI APNE ANDAR JALAAO AAG DUNIA JALAATI HAI, MUSKHKIL BHARA SAFAR SAHI RAAH DIKHATI HAI, SAHI RAAH DIKHAATI HAI”!

Control your anxiety and make it the fire that burns in you and helps you overcome any challenge life throws on you. Channelize your thoughts and make your mind constructive because the stones on your journey don’t pull you back, they just prepare you, train you towards the right pathway in life. This pain and hardship is necessary for you to grow because unless you earn it, you will never enjoy it. So if by any chance you feel I am depressed writing all this, let me give a loud shout out!

I am not depressed but yes I am worried and sorry at the situation that is going on in the society. The impact it will have and the negative aspects it can generate. It is very easy to go with the flow but to swim against the tide, you need to have it in you. I have it in me, I will fight myself out of this situation but the only concern is why does human being gives up to temptation!”


Rajput continued, ” The IIFA award ceremony that was held on 14th and 15th July 2017  (18th IIFA awards) and after 2014, this was the 1st time that IIFA was back in USA.  While I am writing this I spit on these award functions today. Because the real reason for these awards show to be held in USA revolve around a lot of facts. I tried my best to get to the roots of it but it actually revolves around 3 things which the world is seeing today.

1. The New World Order

I would be sorry to say this and you would be shocked to know the reality. Without alerting anyone, these award functions play a major role when someone has to do something wrong. There is no need of much proofs to connect to the fact that why IIFA 18 held in USA! If not for this, the other 2 reasons I would share here is very simple. You can get a lot of information around this if you go and have a look at the list of invited people. These people were supposed to be present for the world in this award function.


One major place this works out most of the time is that these award functions are live telecast. If someone worthy or not worthy wants to cover up for a major crime that is to happen then these live telecast play a major role. If I would explain I would put it in this way. You want to hold a secret meeting but don’t know what the outcome of the meeting would be. All you should do is attend a live event and be present in front of the camera for a quick while.

When this camera is away and the telecast is on, the duration of the program is now stacked. It is now an evident that you are a part of that award function. I have my findings and explanations around it but I am waiting for the proofs of same. These proofs will expose the real face of these stars who are unfit to be called humans, let aside the stardom.

The new world order continued

This nexus is working in the entire entertainment industry having its involvement in all the crimes. These crimes can be taken to task easily. Now don’t get confused around this. There are other people handling the work that are happening behind the scenes. The entire matter revolves around this. Sridevi ji’s involvement was there in these activities and initially we had our own suspicion on her.

But then gradually entire thing connected and we too found out that not just Sridevi ji but there are some other people too who have been working like us around these things. I started with the IIFA awards and I am going everywhere as per the thoughts flowing in my brain. I do not want to confuse you but want to ensure that I am trying my best to pen down every single thought passing now in my brain. Because it is very important to understand the happening alone with the application around it.

This reminds me of something which can help you understand all this better and also make you realize that why this style of documentation is necessary and how helpful it can be.

Continuation of the new world order

In order to make you understand how it exactly works and implementations, just follow the “nudge theory of behavioral economics”. This can give you a total idea of how implementations are made. I can go for pages on here but that is not important. What is important is the implementation of it and how it is used to plan certain actions and make sure connected incidents around these plans tell a different story totally.

If you find time when you are reading these slides, do some basic crash course on nudge theory. It should help you connect and analyze better. There is a deep connection between the award functions and events around it. Anything around it works out well planned and executed and this is when the nudge theory comes into play.

2. Financial Transaction

The money that comes into these award functions, be it sponsors or otherwise, becomes one major concern. When you get into the roots of this, you will know how deep it is. I don’t want to raise dots now but some research around it definitely hints that this is really huge and needs to be dug deeper into. Some instances happened around it made it quite clear that it can actually mess up a lot of things. How will I explain in the coming slides?

These financial transactions around it happens around something which I cannot explain in words. The thing is you have to live this situation practically. The matter here is that the situation happened won’t happen like you can make it to the naked eye. But what will happen after that is the main story around it! Then what happens next is the biggest mystery which evolves so much controversy and incidents that you cannot even imagine.

They choose such award functions as cover so to implement certain things. I discussed earlier about sports league and award functions. But the thing here now is that how do these people use these and how do we plan a counter and expose them.

When exposing comes into the picture, there are 3 options :

A. The legal route taking the help of the authorities :

This is not going to work out as I tried my best to do this. Though there are some honest people in the system yet but the system as a whole is involved. Small fishes won’t be able to do much in order to help you. Most of the time what happens is the initial stages would be great but later the things become totally different! Lot of people will try and get in and whatever you want never actually happens.

You will be left confused nowhere to go despite having everything in you. You will not find any ends meet. You will be unclear what your next step should be. You will also be get upset about your next path ahead. Because when you take this route, you have all the support from the authorities. Yes, but the thing that will happen from here is that you will meet 3 types of people.

First who help you genuinely

These people are the few people who you can count using your fingers. They are few in the system who genuinely want to do their job. They genuinely are still concerned for a better society.

Second are those who act as if they want to help you

These jackals if I start writing I will have to write for years and still I won’t be able to finish. What will happen that these people will act honest and yet they will try to do the damage always. These are the people whom you need to worry about. Since I am not sure what path you would want to take, I will give you a small test that will help you to make out who is the jackal and how to be away from them.

Give out some random information and wait for sometime say maximum 3 days. If you face a problem around this information you shared, then you get to know who is the one playing the good guys.

Third are the people who are really corrupt and want to pull you down

These are the people one on whom you are going to take the action. So do we need any more explanation here. I don’t think any explanation would be needed here. As the 3rd point is self explaining.

B. The 2nd route of taking the law into our own hand :

I would never encourage this and I have not done this myself too as well. Because the whole concept of nobility itself goes wrong. When we live in the society we have to abide by the law. We must ensure that we have our hands and conscious clean ourselves. In the quest of stopping what is wrong, if you do wrong then in my eyes there is no difference between you and them. Remember what u reap is what you sow and yes, trust me!

The path of it might be easy but this will without your knowledge will make you the part of the law. And there is no explanation in my dictionary or words. My ears would won’t hear on this because anything you do, any action you take, in my eyes nothing can justify a wrong doing. A wrong doing done to set something right is a bigger wrong in my eyes as the good comes out of bad is no good either. Yes, if you say it is about perspectives then let me sum it up this way.

Whatever be the scenario, the difference between humanity and inhumanity won’t be there whatever is the scene. We need to ensure that we always have to make sure that the truth is always high. The truth means system and hence we have to work toward getting system into place. Because it is the system that has made us human.


You might be surprised I am saying this but the fact is that I have understood one thing. The only reason why this system is suffering because we are letting it suffer. All that needs to set this upright is one person, one moment, one initiative where people realize how wrong they were. They must realize what were the mistakes they were doing. If this strikes people than everything will fall in place.

You might think that I have lost my intellect, my thinking capacity and I am talking philosophy here. But I am just taking practical things here because the path of truth no matter how difficult it is, it is very much needed because society needs humanity. Remember, humanity is always possible if someone who wants to do a crime fears the entire society, not just a group of people. When this will happen, this is the real success of the society.

That’s the biggest achievement of humanity. This is not that easy I know but nothing is impossible anyways. This for now unfortunately has to wait because of the current set up and the way the system works. To make this happen, we need to ensure that we all get together and that we all think the same. Mass movement Is needed.

This is a long process and as I have said this has to wait and the gap is long. So we cannot achieve it so easily hence from my side a big no to taking law in one’s own hand.

C. The 3rd route is get it out in the public eye :

Now for this, we have 2 options.

1. Holding a press conference : Holding a press conference is very easy if you have a right approach. But then if you put it out in the press too, you must be sure that you are ready for everything. The document you share, make sure you get it trusted and verified at least at 3 places and one private place. You need to circulate the copies of this to press but this is the second step. The first step is preparation. No one should have any idea that what is happening.

If they even get slightest of idea, your press conference is over and there is possibility of happening anything to you. Right from Divya Bharti to Sridevi ,one thing was common and its press conference. Many people, celebrities and many common people tried it in the past and failed. But the hope that we should not mess up with the system is needed to ensure that humanity is not affected at its large.

Any risk to be taken should be taken without any 2nd question in mind.”

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