“Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 8”

Sushant Singh Rajput - SSR Diaries PART-8

Dirty Secrets of Bollywood

In my previous blog , “Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 7”, Sushant Singh Rajput explained how “Big People” maintain a clean and prestige image that they portray in public life. That image is totally different from what they are in private life. Now let me continue with his words further that focus on the dirty secrets of Bollywood.

He stated, “People might think I have written all this down for controversy but the thing goes like this. Not just Sanjay Dutt, but these powerful families in Bollywood always have had weapons with them and also have hidden their dirty family secrets and have buried them deep deep down in their own backyard! But while you grow these files and folders, and understand each point very clearly, one thing which will remain standout is the connection if I would explain it in the following angles.

  1. The dirty secrets of Bollywood
  2. Their agendas
  3. How they use their money in status
  4. What happens if someone goes against them
  5. Information collection points and sources who can testify
  6. Documents (main drive, kala sach)
  7. Some dirty truths
  8. At this juncture all I want to write is read every word, every letter as a sentence because till you understand and digest it as you have lived it yourself, you are bound to get confused.”

Truth Behind “Dharmendra and Hema Malini” Affair

Dirty Secrets of Bollywood

Sushant wrote, “Your confusions can lead to diversions and shaken belief systems. This can lead you to the mistakes I made which I don’t want you to do. The biggest key to all your answers is to see the business module of these people. In the last slide I mentioned about the “Deol” family. I am sure one question would have stucked then and there but because you are reading this and not talking to anyone, you couldn’t answer despite you are wanting to. Let me pose the question out first and then answer it myself. If you would stuck in this question, you have your answer. If it didn’t, you can continue with the reading.

I repeat it again here. When you would be reading this, I would not be alive. But there is one team of mine which will get in touch with you in the due course of time. Question is, if Dharmendra ji wanted to marry Hema Malini, he could have just divorced his first wife and marry Hema Malini. Why didn’t he do that? What was the reason he had to convert to Islam or marry Hema Malini without divorcing his first wife? Answer is what happens in Bollywood most of the times!

These people save taxes, show losses and ensure that the entire game runs as per their wish. They ensure there is no headache on oneself and involve their better halves into the business. They make them the partners for the greater share in their companies or for the company on the name of their better halves. I don’t need to go back and quote instances which is visible to the naked eye.”

“The Three Khans” & Their “Hindu Wives”

The Three Khans & Their Hindu Wives

Sushant Singh continued, “The spouses of the Bollywood actors are producers or own companies generating huge profits. This arrangement sometimes backfires because of the image they have and the urge they want to satisfy. When both clashes though I don’t want to be religious, you will find that most of the Khans have Hindu wives. These are the Hindu wives who go away silently. But that is not the case all the time. There is one of the special case in Bollywood where the wife holds the husband by the neck.

There is an another instance with the same incident happening. I shall give the details sometime later in one of the follow up slides. But the thing you need to understand here with the context of these Deols is that there was no other option for Dharmendra ji. He either had to leave his money or convert to Islam and marry Hema ji. This man was head over heels in love with Hema. Watch the interview of movie “Sholay” which is out in public domain. 

The crew have explained “Naram Dharam’s” lust for Hema when the scene where he teaches her to fire a pistol was purposely timed and whole day was wasted around it because Dharam was using it as an excuse to touch Hema and roam around her.”

Why Aamir Khan Rejected Divya Bharti ?


Sushant Singh Rajput continued, “I put my point of view here. I know that I might be wrong but sometime women too becomes business oriented. This might be love concern. As a matter of the fact Prakash Kaur ji did not want this to have negative impact on her sons. But my question to myself is how can a woman see her husband in the arms of another woman? Despite all the years of hate and patch up, how can they come back together and live like a family again?

The answers I found a little later is for these people, they don’t care what happens behind the doors. The only thing they care about is their image and their status in the society. They take care of the success of their files and their endorsements in the market. The last but not the least, they safeguard the faces they keep. How many times I have seen the three Khans eat, sleep and drink together but to the media and to the purses of the producers, these hate each other.

I have learned a lot of lessons with one hosting I did. I will get back to it in another independent chapter of Cine Awards. But will definitely give a glimpse of it here. The glimpse is the “ Aamir- Divya Bharti” fight. Check it up on the net and you will get the story. You will know how Aamir declined to perform with Divya Bharti in an award show and how Salman came to her rescue.”

Divya Bharti “The Noble Soul”

Rajput explained, “This might look as a real fight but the agenda behind it was something else. Salman has his style of selecting heroines, Shahrukh has his style for the same so does Aamir. You must be confused why I wrote 3 names in 3 sentences when the sentence could just be one. The reason is simple. Each of these people have their own style. These are 3 different scenarios, 3 different cases and each of the case should be handled individually. Since there is no more space left in this slide so I would prefer to cover all the details in one slide or two.

Let me finish this slide with a hint. Divya ji was slowly gaining the popularity and never was the casting couch kind of material. She was one who never cared whether she got a role or not. She was only worried of what she was doing and why she was doing. Was she satisfied with what she was doing?

Dirty secrets, My conscience speaks!”


This article or blog is created on the basis of information received from websites and public domain. Dr. Priyanka Jain (PT) w.r.t. http://www.drjainpriyanka.com cannot confirm its authenticity. This is not done to defame anyone. Here she has just tried to express her views.

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