“Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 6”

Sushant Singh Rajput - SSR Diaries PART-6

Hawala System

Black Money

In my last blog, “Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 5”, Sushant told us about the Hawala System and the importance of code words used in it. He very well explained the meaning of “green bag” or “hara jhola in hawala transactions”. I will continue writing his words which he saved in one of his hard drives. Let us understand more about Hawala system, meaning and disposal of “red bag” , Mumbai Indians and black money. You will also get to know some hidden facts about Raghuram Rajan, P. Chidambaram, and Mukesh Bhatt along with illegal working of NGOs & Celebrities.

Hawala System Continued

Sushant Singh Rajput wrote, “Red bag” or “lal jhola” refers to the transaction which is highly urgent and involves high risk in it. This “lal jhola” transfer is used in shell companies and used with an amount which is sent from one place to another, that is not used immediately. Enforcement directorate (ED) or Economic Officers Swing (EOS) mark the notes used in such transactions. You can also call them laundered funds. This transaction is famous for converting black money into white. The customers for these types of transactions are private money lenders.

Confused? Let me explain. Private money lenders get the “red bag” on 2 percent interest per code. These money lenders in turn give small amount of money to either the middle class, lower middle class or the labour class of people. ED and EOS do not come into the picture if the amount is less than 1 crore INR. They don’t come in the picture till they get their share.

You might think I am foolish enough to believe that IT and ED are not in these people’s pockets. But according to the words of a top hawala broker, it is now that things are favorable to them. Remember, they still follow their old school techniques in order to stay aware of some officers who are out of the box. “kuch sachaai ke keedhe bhi hain system mein isiliye”.

Black Money

Sushant explained, “The above is done because some white money has to be shown in the taxes as well and these marked notes to have to be disposed off. This is how the money system works. The interest rate of lending such money is anyway from 5% to 25% depending upon 3 factors. Is the person connected? Is the person educated and is the person good in rotation? One gets the money on interest and the payback money is the fresh currency which is totally clean. One can use it for anything.  

People need not have to give guarantee while receiving this money. But the recovery people associated with these kind of roles are ones who do not have any blood in their eyes. Another way of disposing “red bag” is in betting. Bookies who conduct betting generally use this money to pay the winners of every transaction. The bookie does get his commission of 1% per lakh. This happens if he helps in disposing of the money along with the standard charges he supposed to get for conducting the event. Here the payback works in a simple way.

This money is not given to relinquish bookies but are given to people who are relatively new. This is so because organized and well connected bookies have links within the same circles. Most of the time they get marked notes when the payment from losing party is made”.

Mumbai Indians & Chennai Superkings

He said, “My experience in this field came during the 2019 final of the IPL. I had bet Rs 3 lakhs on Chennai Superkings and 3 lakh on Mumbai Indians. When the result was out, I collected the money from Mumbai Indians victory. I then handed it over to Shehzad Khan who is close to Arbaaz khan. I didn’t have direct involvement in this but Paras Dogra contact had. The result under 30 minutes of money reaching Paras Dogra’s contact got a call saying, “these notes are bloody marked! Where did you get them from?” Ho gaya mere dimaag mein doodh ka doodh or pani ka pani. I got the clear picture how exactly the thing is. My conscience speaks!

Then comes “Yellow bag”. This is the most important bag in the entire context of this hawala transaction. The yellow bag is the main bag which holds lots of information. Moreover this is the bag that is the reason behind the terrorism in the country. It is the cause for most of the Anti- India movements in the country that happened so far. The thing is as simple as this. The yellow bag has no one as a father and no one as a mother. The transaction happens just on a phone call wherein the thing that works out is that there is no record. Anything whatsoever with this money, the trail happens at the highest level.

This trick is popular in the days of history as recorded so many times when there was no lead to the money. Nobody could trace the money. This is main funding source behind shell companies. The shell companies run on this money and every laundered money that is not registered or recorded happens this way.”

Raghuram Rajan, P. Chidambaram & Mukesh Bhatt


Sushant Singh stated, “For example, when the money schemes that happened for public, when the case goes into the public, this may changes hands through this yellow bag. That is the reason that this money never comes out when the Governor of Reserve Bank, Raghuram Rajan gave a public statement about the adversities that happened in the reserve bank. That was a set up plan just to misguide innocent public.

The arrest of Chidambaram had a direct link with Mukesh Bhatt. Mukesh Bhatt sent Alia Bhatt to clear out his name. Isha koppikar when went into depression, she was carefully used into honey trapping. If you check her call records, you will find a lot of calls made to supercontroversial people.

To continue more further, check for Anushka Sharma’s career. She compromised with everyone right from her photographer who first introduced her into the industry. I don’t want to speak much here.

Honey Trapping, Bollywood and Politics

Sushant Singh Rajput described, “this yellow bag has its connections with honey trapping and other things wherein laundered money needs to be sent from one point to another. There is one more aspect here that is the connection of Politicians and Bollywood industry. Talent agencies handle it. When a new model needs a break in the film industry, the first thing she has to do is to compromise. She has to compromise with the producer, director and actor. These innocent models gets a lucrative deal so that they can be used well. Then there is no looking back for this as these girls end up being high end prostitutes.

This is the industry that is into human trafficking as well. This is the reason why the hawala setups should not be taken lightly as there are lot of issues that are connected to this industry. It is the biggest evil in the society. It is the root of most of the evils. Hawala people are like leaches that suck the entire blood out of your body without your feeling or getting any pain. End of the chapter, My Conscience Speaks!”

Connection Between NGOs, Celebrities & Ambani

Sushant added, “This new chapter is the chapter about the NGOS running around Mumbai and other cities in the country. You will get an idea about their connection with the Bollywood and other aspects connected to it. This is one of the most important aspect of this case. This is directly connected to lot of issues. You might feel that I have my personal agenda involved in this. You might feel that I am creating an unwanted controversy. But let me put it out this way. Because once you are done reading this you will definitely come to know what I meant and why I was speaking on these grounds.

We often see in media that actors or actress who is never in the limelight suddenly donates huge money. Why these celebrities donate huge money to these NGOs? What is the connection to this to the black money market? How does this system exactly works? The concept of rotation is beautifully explained in these donation patterns. There is a very important aspect that is escaping taxes!

Imagine. For example, let me take the name here as example first and then give the connection to probably the biggest scam in the country! Mumbai Indians Education For All . Reliance owns this organization. “Mumbai Indians Education For All” trust was formed and the arrest of Peter Mukerjea happened. What exactly is the reason? Why there can be no action on Ambani ZTJE? if you are confused with these letters, you will know the importance of these letters at a very later stage.”

Ambani, Reliance, Mumbai Indians & Black Money


Sushant Singh continued, “The formation of “Mumbai Indians Education For All” took place. It was done so that this could be used as that platform where all the money comes in as a donation and this money has no legal implications altogether. There is one huge angle. Let me explain it in a very simple language here . There were other foundations too under reliance. But this organization, there is evidences in this and that will reach you later. Now, this introduction will definitely help you connect instantly on those documents but I am not sure if any action will ever be taken.

But, yes the greater angle of clearing the society from this mess, this document will play a vital role. So getting back to the topic now. There are two modes of donation. First, Straight donation and second, Rotation donation. Straight donation is something which is genuine and there is no catch in this. But the picture here unfolds as follows.

This money is free money which has no interest rates. It has no connection whatsoever to any kind of taxes that can be applied for the person who does this donation and for “Mumbai Indians Education For All” check the annual records in the later stages. The payments made as shown on paper and the actual payments used as a huge gap involved in between them.  Confused? Let me explain.

Ambanis & Black Money


Ambanis are one of the biggest taxpayers in the country. They are doing a fairly decent job when it comes to their corporate social responsibility. But the simple drill that is followed here is that the money paid to this trust from the reliance group is exempt of taxes and the incoming number of zeros and the expenditures the zeros are miscount on huge occasions.

These kinds of trust such as “Mumbai Indians Education For All” and organizations are the tools for the rich to turn their black money into white and rotate this money without the knowledge of the authorities and even if it comes to the knowledge of the authoritites, one of the two things are used. Pay for the silence or honey trap them. End of the story. And our people who are in the uniform fall for it. The reason for no action taken on lot of businessman too, I have it recorded. And illuminati too plays a major role here.

Rotation donation is something where the donation is just a publicity gimmick. This money goes from one hand and come out from the other. There is a small charge for this which is very easily payable. These brand ambassadors involved in this are also the same pedigree too. I myself have been brand ambassador for brands. You can take it from me. The interest the stars show in the brand endorsements and the interest the star shows to the social causes when the payment is huge or we expect that this association is beneficial to them, the body language is different. When the cause is a social one, when there is no mileage generated, the body language is totally different.”

NGO, Organ Trafficking & Prostitution


Sushant Singh Rajput wrote, “I have no objection with you people but is money everything? Doesn’t your character prick you when you know you are someone whom everyone looks up to and tries to copy? The promotions you make no doubt will fill your pockets but what about the innocent people who believe every word of yours? These NGO’S and talent agencies and their connection with each other. My God! The thing is this is huge and its roots are deep. People actually fall prey and end up donating their hard earned money.

There are some genuine people out there but it is too hard to actually cause the contributions they are allowed to make. Prostitution, child trafficking, black money, extortion and money laundering! A lot of interconnected things are quite common in this setup. Sometimes it takes a dirty turn when angle of organ trafficking comes into the picture! And this is done in most inhuman way ever one can think of. For now I am going to summarize it here. As you continue further, you will find more connected information that can actually help you in this fight.

When someone is poor and cannot afford the medical treatment, there are only two hospitals. With the help of these NGOs, kidney rackets are common. News channel brings out only small instances of it. The real picture is very dirty and deep. But for now this small introduction should give you a fair idea about the connections of the entire things. What is the actual game plan behind this? Let me make one point very clear. Don’t add fuel to your assumptions and think everyone is the same. But as a matter of fact and as per my conclusions, only 3 out of 10 are genuine.”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Conclusion

Sushant finally said, “I leave it up to you to decide for yourself what stands you should take once you reach to the point when this information will be out on you. As discussed earlier, the choice for you to go about this is independent. This ends the topic about the NGOs and the connection it has with the black money and most scams. Kindly note if you want to take this issue up, make sure you are on the same page with me and want to do good to the society.

The simplest thing you can do is target these NGOs and get deeper into the way they work. Because if you are able to get in touch with the inner secrets of these NGOs, you will get a lot of information around a lot of wrong doings that have happened. And based on my experience, I can be straight forward and say that you can expose most of the scams happened in the country, most of the dubious schemes that are going around and at least 80% of money laundering and black money angle.

The information you get when you reach to the end of your research can also help you be better equipped to tackle most strong doings that are happening in our society.”


This article or blog is created on the basis of information received from websites and public domain. Dr. Priyanka Jain (PT) w.r.t. http://www.drjainpriyanka.com cannot confirm its authenticity. This is not done to defame anyone. Here she has just tried to express her views.

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