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In my previous blog, “Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 8”, Sushant Singh Rajput gave some clues about dirty secrets of Bollywood and Nepotism. He mentioned about Dharmendra, Hema Malini, The Three Khans and their Hindu Wives and about their wrong doings. People like them very well know how to play with the emotions and put an end to the life of various stars viz Divya Bharti. Let us continue with some more information as per Sushant diaries.

Salman Khan & Nepotism

Sushant said, “There are many things to write about Salman Khan and nepotism. He saved himself every time controversies were hit and this certainly deserves a different chapter. I have to be very careful of the devil. If he gets his hands on these documents, he can gain many things to fulfill his selfish motives. Salman khan is famous for his relationships to his abusive nature. He potrays well as “gareebo ka devta” meaning “man with the golden heart for poor” to the Bhaijaan of Bollywood. Name the controversy you have, this man is right up there as the front runner.

Moreover Salman Khan has the major role to play in the nepotism which persists in the Bollywood industry. Introducing the kids of the Bollywood stars, the monopoly these people want to maintain in this industry and the tricks they play is the biggest dirty secret of the Bollywood industry. This is one of the reasons the real talents often feel left out. This does not mean that talents don’t sustain but the journey for an outsider and the journey for someone from “the cult” is like sky and earth.”

Drug Carriers and Bollywood Dancers


Sushant Singh added, “Moreover to act in the movies, no one gives a damn to your talent. All you need to have if you want to become a heroine is the slim trim figure and the bomb kind of image and the industry these days go behind the skin than the talent. Small examples are you see a lot of overseas dancers at the backdrops but have ever thought why? If you think this is a coincidence, no my friend, you are wrong. This is big big trap setup which can give three solutions to everyone.”

Kindly note that the three solutions are explained in Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 11

Rajput explained, “These overseas dancers or foreign models are very easy carriers of drugs. They often go undetected and untouched because of the clothing they wear. The eyes that need to take action on and do the checking are actually elsewhere. 80% of the times, these models actually easily get away. These models too themselves are fed so that the rest can be taken care of. These people trust me are loyal to their job and do it perfectly. My fingers shiver when I type this. But if this has to stop and the right culture has to come back, I have to write down some hard realities.

I am not even for fraction of a second, comfortable in doing this and assassinating the character of women or the nepotism. I never did it nor I liked and wanted people to do this.”

Bollywood Award Functions

Rajput continued, “Aamir Khan and Salman Khan played with Divya Bharti’s psyche in order to trap her. They both wanted to make her believe and feel that she did not belong to the industry. In an award function, Divya Bharti had to do a dance with Aamir Khan. Aamir ditched her in the last minute so that Salman could step up and act as the savior. These award functions are the biggest curse on young talents. The talents end up getting frustrated mostly during these award shows or the afterparties that follow.

Take my instance itself. In an award show, Shahid Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan took a dig on me. This literally confused me and began to have an impression, did I actually belong here? Because what happened that day though I couldn’t publicly display my emotions, only I know deep down in my heart how I felt and how I got over it! Lets now get into the details of how Khans played monopoly or the notorious nature they possess.”

Aamir Khan ” Mr. Perfect or Mr. Spitter”

Sushant stated, “Aamir khan has this vicious habit of spitting on the hands of his heroines. He is known to be the real prankster on the sets of the movie. There is not one heroine on whose hands he has not spit. When I asked about it he says whosever hands he has spit, they have instantly become famous. Not just this,“ The Mr Perfect” as the term is given to Aamir Khan, is coined as the highly religious person. He is always in one way or the other trying to propagate Islam and look down upon other religions!

He has close connections with Turkey and possess some other connections also. In that, his agenda is very clear around the Islamic state angle. Nobody takes up these points , never discuss or even bothers to cover such points. At the end of the day, if someone wants to do the same, then their gang will trap that person into the web of controversies. It becomes increasingly difficult for the person to get out of it.”

Shahrukh “The Monster”

Sushant continued, “Like in my case, when I decided to stand up against what was wrong, they trapped me into Padmavat fiasco. This is what happens as I said these people have close relations but to the public they act as they are in constant war with each other. This is why people fall into the trap of their games. Shahrukh khan, this man was no-one some years back but now with name, fame and money has become a monster! Most of us should know that Shahrukh khan is behind so many kind of things that most of the times his wife steps in and puts a ban on him working with a certain actress. I don’t want to go in detail about this topic now. Dirty secrets, my conscience speaks!”


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