Makeup Steps For Beginners

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Makeup has different versions, definitions and outlook or interpretation depending upon person to person including their likes and dislikes. For some, it is of no purpose but numerous have created a niche career as makeup artists. I never wanted to be a makeup artist. But the desire to learn the basics of this art always existed somewhere deep down in my heart since the age of 14.

Life is not easy for any of us where we look forward to follow our passion and hobbies. It’s just like a spider’s web my dear friends. It’s solely our choice whether we want to be a spider or the trapped fly. “ Look who is writing”, the trapped fly, “ME”!

The web explained here is the ups and downs or the uncertainties like prioritization of holding a degree on your name, family responsibilities, culture boundations and lack of knowledge regarding importance of various arts specially among the family members.

My Makeup Story

I always dreamt of possessing a beautiful face where I never needed to make it up by self make-up. But my mother used to say, “there is no one born in this world so dazzling who doesn’t need a make-up”. She continued with her statement, “whether its a lady or a home, the more we will beautify it, the less it will be”.

Finally yet importantly, at the age of 36, I stand tall as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, a Fitness Trainer, a Lecturer and also in the list of my achievement an Entrepreneur. There are so many things I inherit which I will reveal gradually with the course of time. So lets get back to the make up story.

There are eminent personalities existing in the make up industry. We can say that they are the big fishes of this ocean. People like me look forward to them as an idol who can preach such an art with a great conviction and elegance. Upon interacting with few makeup artists and after taking the demo class, what I concluded was “All Cry And No Wool”. They left no stone unturned to make my face look like a ghost!. It was really scary to confront myself in front of the mirror.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

How true it is “ All That Glitters is Not Gold” and its not necessary that the studios owned by the big daddy of this industry will possess valuable knowledge of this art.

Then entered a 21 year old boy whom I thought must be a novice but this underdog proved himself a true make-up artist. He has a great sense of essence of the colors that can bring out the hidden persona via his art on someone’s face. After his demonstration, tables were turned as I realized that it’s me who was a novice and not him.

For me the accessories of the make-up were like an unsolved puzzle for years. I can name a few like beauty brushes, blender sponges, concealers, primers, foundations, blushes, highlighters, bronzers, setting powders, setting sprays, make up palettes and what not!

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step

Such influential studios and individuals use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram just to complicate this pious art and to blow their trumpet. It is easy to play with your minds with the variety of the colorful products and the actual core of the make-up is never revealed and remains the secret.

Perhaps everyone is not same and may be not operating with this mindset but this is my experience which I am sharing with you all.

It is true that you do not require 200 brushes, numerous foundations to learn make up. You can learn this art with bare minimum 4 to 6 brushes and 1 to 2 foundations. What all it takes is passion, devotion and sense of application.

Step 1- Skin Hydration And Moisturizer

Keeping your skin soft and hydrated with any face moisturizer plays a vital role before you go for your makeup. You should develop it as a habit in daily routine before going to bed at night and after taking bath in the morning to avoid drying of the facial skin. Never forget to massage your lips with lip balm. If you have oily skin, you can opt for serums and lotions.

But dry skin needs extra care so one can go for day and night creams. For further moisturizing certain oils are the best choices. Remember to spread the moisturizer across your forehead, nose and cheeks. It will get dry in a few minutes so you need to wait before jumping on to the next step.

Step 2- Primer Application

I have always heard that primers are smooth gels and creams which fills the pores on your face thereby smoothing out uneven texture. I have not found any difference with or without primer application. If you still want to experience it then squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip of index finger.

Using the finger of your other hand, apply it on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Now rub it slowly in a clock-wise direction like moving your cheeks upwards and outwards. At the end, massage the area around your eyes.

Selection Of Foundation

Finding the perfect shade of foundation for my skin was a challenge but the boy who was teaching me, Kabir he simplified this puzzle. I bought the geometry of the foundations or the “concealers” with different shades in which I frequently use the following:

  1. An orange color corrector for the dark areas around my eyes and chin.
  2. D 64 crème-based foundation is the actual shade which is best suited to my skin tone.
  3. There is dark brown color for contouring and giving definition to the jawline and nose.
  4. But I keep experimenting with the other cream foundations of the geometry and believe me, it looks great!
  5. So, it’s just that you need to learn the basic skills and then you are done. You can play around with any foundation.
  6. Many people use liquid-based foundations, but I haven’t tried it yet as I am content with whatever I learnt in self make up tutorials. I do use liquid foundation only if I want to give HD effect to my existing make up .

Selection Of Makeup Brushes

  1. Foundation blending Brush
  2. Powder Brush
  3. Eyebrow Brush
  4. Highlighter Brush
  5. Eyeshadow Blending brush
  6. Eyeliner Blending Brush (if needed)
  7. Blusher Brush
  8. Lipstick Brush (if needed)

Step 3- Application Of Foundation

  1. I use my fingertip to apply the D64 cream foundation by dapping over the upper eyelids, forehead and the areas as shown in video. Do not forget to clean your fingertips every time you use any product. It is so to avoid the messing up of the make-up and in order to do so, you can keep soft cloth tissues which are reusable. Do not use too much of foundation on your face as it may give “ghost” like appearance.
  2. I did not cover the area below eyes including the nose because there is a tendency of the eye shadows to drop over the cheeks while doing eye makeup. So, if we apply foundation on whole face, it may get ruined.
  3. You can also opt for beauty tools like brushes and sponges.
  4. Now blend the foundation starting from the upper eyelids with the blending brush. Remember the direction should be outwards from the center of your face by dapping as dragging of the brush needs to be avoided.
  5. Don’t forget to wipe your fingers with the tissues every time you use foundation. There are special cloth tissues for make up purposes.

Step 4- Foundation Powder

Well, it doesn’t make any difference if you forget to apply foundation powder. During winters its really not needed much as powder application may lead to skin dryness. So, I often skip this step or apply the powder with the fluffy powder brush in negligible quantity sweeping across the skin in long, arching strokes over the area where the foundation was applied.

Step 5- Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrows are the chief component in eye makeup. It can give a grace or disgrace a face—they’re that important! Brows frame your eyes and can add elegance to your face.

In daily routine, I shape-up my brows using the mixture of dark purple and black colors of my eye shadow palette with the eyebrow brush or with the gel brown kajal.

You should move the brush in the direction of the hair growth to get the most realistic looking result. You should not overload your brow brush with the product and the heavy-handed strike of it must be avoided. The outer part of the brows to which we call the tail must be one shade darker than the inner brows which are extending towards the nose.

So, keep the strokes of the brush lighter when you are moving from tail of the brows towards the center of the face. You can see in the attached video above that I am removing the extra eye shadow from the brush to give my inner brows a lighter shade.

If you mess up in shaping up your eyebrows, you can cover it by using the cream foundation with its small brush. You can see the demo in the given video.

Step 6- The Highlighter

The highlighters are the perfect products to enhance, lift and give a glow to your brows. Placing a sufficient amount of highlighter below the end of the brows that is around the brow bone will add dimension to your face. Most of the times, it is the creamish white color I always prefer to be used.  

Step 7- How To Apply Sticky Tape

A precise winged liner look gives a very sensual appeal. So Apply the tape on the outer corner of the eyes tracing along the lower lash line diagonally from down to up towards the temple area. You can use cello tape, office tape or any tape that is sticky so to serve the purpose.

Pat it on your skin nicely to get the dramatic straight edges. The length of the tape depends upon how long you want to go with the wing.

Step 8- Easy Eyeshadow Looks

Eyeshadows can be fascinating if applied beautifully with appropriate smudging. Whether you opt for neutral shades or go bold with colorful hues, whichever look you want to go for, choose two or three flattering eyeshadows starting with the lighter shade and progressing with the darker shades.

Dip your eyeshadow brush into the light shade, then tap the brush to get rid of any excess product. Apply the lighter shadow across the entire lid, covering the upper lash line moving towards the tape, and ending just above the crease of your eyelid. Do not forget to smudge the eye shadow properly over the tape line as you need not have to worry because the tape will keep your shadows in place.

This is the base of any eye makeup. You can choose only one light eyeshadow for example peach or orange to be more simple. Follow the techniques I am mentioning here, you can do any makeup easily.

Eyeshadow application continues

Now dip your brush into the darker color, tapping off the excess once again. Apply the color at the outer corner of your eye, just above your lash line over the tape. Sweep the darker color across your eyelid crease including its center, just under the brow bone. Take a clean shadow brush or with the tip of your finger blend the two shades together.

If you would like a more intense look, apply the darker shadow over the outer corner of your eyes over the tape. Don’t forget to clean your eye shadow brush with a tissue every time you jump onto the next color.

It is very important to apply the same eyeshadow color with a very thin brush below the lower lash line to have an exquisite effect. For example:- base eyeshadow color is orange, brown is for the center of the eye and dark purple or black is for the outer corner of the eyes.

So, you can choose orange as the first coat for the lower eye lid and brown as the second coat just below the brown one.

If you are fond of glitters like I do, it must be applied here itself that is before heading to eyeliner. You can watch in my video the orange-red glitter I used as per the color of my dress which I am going to wear.

Step 9- How To Apply Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliners are one of the best options for beginners because a sharp pencil eyeliner is easy to use on your waterline. With a sharp tip, after pulling your eyelid taut, draw the eyeliner from the outer upper eyelid area slotching over the tape and going towards the inner corner of the eye.

For more intense look, I smoothly smudge my eye liner with a round blending brush having a small tip. You can also apply white eyeliner to the waterlines of your lower eyelid. It will make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. Then smoothly smudge the lower eyelid with the same round blending brush without extra application of liner to it.

I usually don’t of use pencil eyeliner on my lower eyelid but you can go with extra eyeliner to your lower eyelid if you like it that way.

You can even go for the liquid eyeliners keeping in mind that smudging will not be possible with it but yes, If you’re looking for precision then liquid ones can be a good choice.

Makeup Remover

While performing any of the steps above, if your hand slips, you need not have to worry. Apply a bit of eye makeup remover to an earbud or a Q-tip and clean up the area.

Step 10- False Eyelashes

The battle of completion of the eyeshadow and eyeliner is over. Now hold the false lashes with the thumb and the index finger and spread its glue to the lash band being very careful. Squeeze the glue with caution to avoid its overflow.

My glue is white in color and after its application to the lashes, it hardly takes 10 seconds to dry and ready to use where your eyeliner is that is just close to the natural lashes. Now the fake lashes become less likely to slide around. You can flutter the false lash to dry it up after adding the glue. This is to be done to prevent your eyes from getting glue all over the place.

Fixing Eyelashes

What I usually do is I hold the false eye lashes from its center and put it in place where my eyeliner is, while pressing them into the lash line with the help of the backside of a thin brush.

You can either apply black eyeliner directly on the lash strip to hide the glue effect or with the help of a thin brush dipped into the black eyeshadow.

Step 11- Removal Of Tape

Now we are heading towards the most awaited part of this tutorial that is we are about to see the result. Peel off the tape from down to up towards the temple area. Take some moisturizer in a cloth tissue to remove the unwanted eyeshadow particles on the cheeks and the nose.

Step 12- Orange Foundation

What I frequently use is the orange color concealer with the code D 30 or you can call it orange cream foundation to conceal the dark circles under my eyes and the uneven the undertones. You can use a make up sponge, beauty blender or your finger tip to spread it evenly.

Do apply thin layers as a thick layer of corrector may show through your foundation

Step 13- How To Apply Foundation To Overall Face

You need to choose the right foundation color that matches you skin tone identically. As I have already mentioned in this article that For me, finding the perfect shade of foundation for my skin was a challenge but Kabir simplified this puzzle.

So, D 64 crème-based foundation is the actual shade which is best suited to my skin tone.

Always start with a sufficient amount of foundation. It should not be heavy to avoid cakey look. Dab the foundation under your eyes, on your nose, cheeks, above the lips and chin. 

Blending Brush Or Sponge?

Start Spreading the foundation outwards towards your hairline and neck. I am in love with blending brush which is so smooth and I make it sure to blend my makeup gently by tapping it into my skin. Avoid rubbing or wiping.

Usage of a sponge is also acceptable for more coverage. Clean your sponge regularly to avoid bacteria buildup but remember that blending brush has to be used for midas touch after finishing sponge procedure. There shouldn’t be any noticeable lines where your foundation starts or ends; it should blend smoothly into your ears, neck and hairline.

Step 14- Application Of Setting Powder

During winters, its good to avoid setting powder to keep your skin supple. Setting powders are best during summers as it helps prevent your foundation from sliding around while also preventing oil buildup from showing through. So, you can finish up your entire face by applying a setting powder over your foundation.

Step 15- Bronzer

It is time to add precise definition to your face. I have a creme foundation with number DJ2 which acts like a bronzer for me. It is chocolate brown in color. Apply the bronzer along your cheeks starting from the ear to the upper lip. Then sweep it across the jawline, reaching all the way down to your chin. Repeat on the opposite side.

You can also apply brown setting powder over it or use dark brown shade from your palette as setting powder. I usually skip this step.

Step 16- Blush

Make your cheeks glow by using a dense brush with plenty of bristles to apply your blush. I use mainly peach blush and you can also go for pink or plum color. Sweep the peach blush along your cheekbones, starting near your ears and ending at the apples of your cheeks.

Step 17- Time To Add Highlighter

Mark out the areas on your face that you wish to highlight.

  • The center of your forehead
  • On your brow bone
  • In the inner corners of your eyelids
  • Down the bridge of your nose
  • Across the tops of your cheekbones
  • The indent above your upper lip (also called the Cupid’s Bow)
  • The center of your chin

Step 18- Lip Liner

Begin applying your lip liner from the center of your lips, and drag the applicator along the length of your pout. I sometimes pull the liner above my natural lip line over the upper lip. This gives volume to my upper lip and it looks little puffy. Apply lipstick and smack your lips together lightly to ensure your lipstick reaches all the nooks and crannies of your lips.

Step 19- The Setting Spray

Setting spray can be the final touch for your makeup routine. If you want your makeup to stay all day long, without greasing, creasing, or shine, do buy a quality setting spray.

Hold the bottle at least 7 to 8 inches away from your face. I cover all bits of my face in 3 to 4 sprays. Leave it on your face for few seconds and it will dry naturally within seconds.

Final Look

Your makeup is complete. With these makeup applications tips, it’s easy to create a variety of beauty looks, whether you head to your office or going out for a party.

No matter how many articles you read or watch make up tutorials on various social platforms, you are required to take basic make up tutorials or live classes so that you can access yourself whether it is the mere passion existing in you which gives you pleasure just by watching videos or so or is it really your cup of tea!

I have been through the same situation for many years and ultimately at the age of 36, I discovered the apt approach to learn the skill from a 21-year-old boy. Whatever thoughts I have been sharing with you all, it’s not the minor words but the crux of my experiences I have faced till now.

I am not a makeup artist or a professional in this field, so you might find some flaws in the videos. Well, this is working for me quite well and I hope for you the same.

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