“Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 10”

Divya Bharti and Sajid Nadiadwala


In my last blog “Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 9”, I wrote about Salman Khan , Aamir Khan and how these Bollywood celebrities play with the emotions of women such as Divya Bharti. I also mentioned about the drug carriers in relation to the foreign models or background dancers that you must have noticed in many movies. It is time to go little further with Sushant’s diaries.

Divya Bharti and Sajid Nadiadwala

Sushant Singh said, “I had given a brief introduction to Divya Bharti in my initial slides. Now I will go ahead with the entire case and total details of it. I am sure your mind will blow up when you are going to read this. The reason Divya Bharti married Sajid was because she wanted to get to the roots of the wrongs that were happening in the industry. It is a great shame that the time changed and the structures of the body and the positions of the individual grew. But the society still remains there only in cheat corruption, greed , jealousy and treachery.

According to the reports I have, from a very trusted and noble source, Divya Bharti had doubts on some people. I won’t name those four people but I will describe them in hints.

First “music”

Second “his obvious”

Third is “Mr. hot”

Fourth is “Mr. hain”

Well as per my personal opinion, Sushant Singh must be referring to T-series group owned by Late Gulshan Kumar and duo Nadeem Shravan when he said “Music”. “His obvious” is may be Sajid Nadiadwala and “Mr hot” can be Sanjay Dutt. Last but not the least, “Mr hain” is simplesest of all Amitabh Bachchan.

Divya Bharti and Her Murder

Divya Bhartis father passes away Sajid Nadiadwala by his side 2

Rajput further writes, ” If you have got who the four are, great! If not, you will know when the pandora box opens. There was girl, determined to get to the roots of it. She discussed it out with me and I did not have much of an idea how to guide her. But then she herself said if she has to do it she has to get into it. These were her very early days in Bollywood. The person with whom she discussed about Divya Bharti was like a senior figure to her. This person was not in the right frame of mind to discuss it out with her.

That is why my source have more doubts that Divya Bharti was murdered, however I will come to it a little later. But according to this person, Divya was a very sharp girl and used to understand the entire context of any subject with the slightest of the hint. She started her work on following the train. After some rounds of initial research, she cornered out on Sajid Nadiadwala. Because she knew that to clear the mess out from the root of it, she had to marry Sajid Nadiadwala.

It’s so to have a close look at how things work and how she could get to her goal without overexposing herself or having any problems.”

Mumbai Blast & A to Z of Crime

PART 10 626 × 470

Rajput said, “To the wildest of her fears, After Divya’s marriage, her doubts were true. It was not just these four people involved in human trafficking, drugs, prostitution etc but a whole lot of people were directly involved. She was very much disturbed as the society used to glorify them as heroes or role models. Divya Bharti wanted to expose the connection between human trafficking and something major that was about to happen in Mumbai that is Mumbai Blast 1993. With a small time fellow co-star, she was doing her own bit of research by doing all that she could. Divya was very much terrified due to it.

There were two quotes that had become the biggest question mark in her life but before that let us cover the A TO Z of this entire syndicate. The A to Z to which these big people are associated as follows.

From A to J

A: Adult trade

B: Benami or black money and bharvagiri

C: Charas and cocaine

D: Death, the person who is the target

E: Explosives exclusively used during the Mumbai blast in 1993

F: Firangi connections ISI and other connections

G: Gundagardi, dangafasad area where more violence has to be started

H: Hawala, haftavasooli where the funding money can be collected within bracket mafia

I : Intoxication, chemicals used for honey trapping

J: Jail

From K to S

H: Human trafficking

K: Knockouts

L: Litigations properties

M: Money laundering

N: Narcotics

O : Open house horse betting types

P: Pimps network

Q: Queens (this is a huge chapter to be explained)

R: Religious violence

S: Settlement

From T to Z

T: Terrorist network

U: Underworld network

V:  Vicious activity

W: Warehouses

X : Extras (these are the people who are there for everything)

Y: Yard

Z :  Everything else.”


This is the ABCD of crime and used in every context of this industry. The industry uses these letters as independent coding. This is like the gayatri mantra of the crime and is used almost everyday. How these big people use it, Sushant will let us know in his next slides. You will come to know that these are not simple words but have a deep deep meaning in it. At the end of the day, these are the alphabets that makes the difference.


This article or blog is created on the basis of information received from websites and public domain. Dr. Priyanka Jain (PT) w.r.t. http://www.drjainpriyanka.com cannot confirm its authenticity. This is not done to defame anyone. Here she has just tried to express her views.

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