“Sushant Singh Rajput – SSR Diaries Part 16”

Mumbai city and the beginning of mafia


My last blog ,”Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 15“, focused on the plans behind various Bank and Loan Fraud by Underworld, Bollywood and other big people. Sushant also spoke about the Queens of Crimes in Bollywood, Underworld etc. Now in this blog, Sushant Singh Rajput will give you an idea of the topics that he will be covering in his upcoming slides such as Mumbai city and the beginning of mafia, Parliament attack plans etc.. The topics are as follows:

Mumbai city and the beginning of mafia

Mumbai city and the beginning of mafia in the initial days

The big bomb blast

The preparations around the blast

The initial arrests

The death of Divya Bharti

The death of other people smaller in stature

The first confusion created

The riots, how it happened


The frustration in the connected angles

The Journey from Dongri, a brief introduction to Dawood

The growth of mafia

The rise of Dawood

The formation of D company

The entry into Bollywood

The entry into other streams part 1 and part 2

The story of Hasina Parker

Hasina Parker

Law and order fails

Crime escape

The entry of a Con man

Law and order collapses

The struggling story of a Cop

The real drug lord rises

The filth spreads

That dirty guy

Part 3

The involvement, the agenda, the planning, the execution, the revolution

Chapter 2 – Part 4

Mumbai city and the beginning of mafia and Bollywood


Meena Kumari

Prithvi Raj Kapoor

Rajesh Khanna

Sunil Dutt

Dharmendra, Hema malini

Amitabh Bachchan


Amjad khan and the story behind his death too

Sanjay Kumar, the story behind his death too

Vinod Mehra, the story behind his death too.  

Sushant wrote, “This chapter shall cover the senior team of Dalals connected to the Underworld. They do all their work for underworld. If oyster is considered to be a mammal then rat is considered as a fish. This entire story of Mumbai city and the beginning of mafia will be debunked.”

Now the sidekicks

The sidekicks are the juniors and younger generation. This had a huge bunch of people such as Sanjay Dutt, the saga of the assault rifle, the story of RDX, the real reason for the movie Sanju.

The Kapoors

Financial transaction during the 93’s blast

The story thereafter Shammi, Shashi and Rishi

Part 4

The murder of Divya Bharti and people who knew about it

What was shown and what exactly happened, when it happened

The connected facts, the big dhokha and the connection of Divya Bharti’s murder to Dev Anand

The research of Dev Anand, the entry of Gulshan Kumar, the research of Gulshan Kumar, Mafia back in action and the reason why the case turned.

Part 4 – chapter 1 :

The entry of Mumbai Police

That one phone call

The entry of the Khans

The way the Khans grew

The rise in Dubai

The real reason behind the case getting shelved

The Sajid Nadiadwala mask falls off

The yellow media

The preparation of the Bio-War Plan, the story of its preparation and reason of its failure

The khans, how the journey from the “Chamcha” to “Badshah” happened ( Shahrukh Bhai Bhai Bhai)

The story of Aamir  Khan

Salim Kalala (The story of Salman Khan 0)

Sushant Singh Rajput Explanation

Sushant said, “Let me make one thing clear to you here if you think that 0 next to Salman is a typing error, the 0 itself is the content of another whole folder. It is the link to the actual story behind the hit and run case. It was something else that was supposed to happen and something is hidden under the hit and run case. If you think I have grudge against these people whom I mentioned, then I am afraid your anger has to wait for some more time.

Because the more deeper you go, more names you will read. Some will be good, some will be bad, some dirty, some ungli ungli (people who have the habit of putting finger). Now if you want to ask me why I am writing this in English here then my answer is very simple. A person who can operate computers can understand and read English well, no matter if he can speak or not.  

But Hindi I don’t think everybody can.  Due respect to all and by the way when you are reading this and the actions taken anyone wants to book me, for something my clothes and my coffin will be only there to be held guilty.”

Part 4 – chapter 3

The human trade and the way people got lewd

The story behind how jail became the holiday spot

The way how the thing around who is picked to take the blame and how the game closes

The entry story and the facts around how the entire game unfolds

The story off dummy

The biggest den of drugs and the advent of Rakesh Maria

The Parliament attack plans and the Akshardham plans.

Part 4 – chapter 3 – part 1  

The parliament attacks

The actual plans, the initial fails, the initial fails 2 and the initial fails both

The connection made, the connection established, the death of someone and the delay

The connection to some white rabbits in the country

Part 4 – chapter 4 – part 2

The reason behind some story line movies, the hero selected for the character and the casting couch

The region of using alias names, heroin hero combinations and the story behind it

The producer network, funding and money, loss management, character sketch.

Sushant Singh Rajput continued, “This chapter will discuss on how if someone is having a bad image in the society and has some money then how the industry helps him in having his image clean. Moreover this chapter will also discuss things around, how the connection is formed and how it is executed. It will also let you know how films are used in various things like converting black money to white money and also the connection around how this is misused in tax evasions as well.

While reading it you might feel I am trying to defame my own industry or set my plate on fire but the fact is that I just want the society to be clean and that’s the only intention I have.”

Part 5

Honor killings

Drugs and extortion

Blackmail and honey trapping

Call centers and the theory of using these call centers for something else.

Part 5 – chapter 2


The growth of mafia

Entire summary

The chapters of involvement

The chapter will discuss how PPU networks work

The research on AI and its connection here and applications around it

The photon in a double split

The rise of nepotism

The fake theories and the pressure which is claimed but never there

Missing talents

The research on human trafficking

Agenda, plan of action, execution, trade, markets, payments you can read on

Part 6

The payment schedules

The EMI scams and the NGO saga

Part 6 – chapter 1

The first confusion created

Introduction, the beginning, the actual incident, the follow ups afterwards and the cover up

The media’s role and the pin drop silence afterwards

Rajput added, “This chapter will cover a lot around most of the incidences around violence and the communal disturbances that made entire Mumbai cry. Not just Mumbai, you will know that one connection which makes these people successful always. This chapter will also cover one of my personal experiences around it. It will cover a lot of aspects around how till date when some huge crime or a situation had to arise, violence was used as a tool to achieve the result.”

Part 6 – chapter 2

The sports angle

The politics and sports and the various premier leagues

The ICL ban

Sushant Singh expressed, “This is the greatest chapter in the sports history. if you are thinking how I know about it then apply some of your common sense on who the sponsors were and you should be able to analyze for yourself, if you are not, you can read on.”

Chapter 7

Sushant Singh explained, “This is another important chapter in my journey because in this chapter I will cover a lot of issues. But the main context of this entire chapter will be around the fact that how education is sold in the country. It will tell you how these people became the brokers who paid for their degrees. Most of the facts and findings in key incidents are hid using these people. These people don’t have the knowledge for the job but know that their entire existence is at stake if they open up.

This is how most of the issues that are happening in our country happen and lot of issues that are going on or are let incomplete, unfinished remain like that forever. I am not giving the subject matter here because this chapter is very important. The subject matter will go with the heading and I will explain the subject. It is very important that when you read this you keep this entire thing all to yourself. 

Because here you will find names, unless you are well prepared and have that plan of action where you don’t end up being another warrior who leaves it to the universe. The best thing to do is not to expose it,  keep it to yourself and move on with the other information. Use this only when you are completely prepared to do it.

Sushant continued…

Here you have to understand one point that a lot of names a lot of connections and a lot of such incidents are explained which would be hard to digest. You might also give up thinking that these things are too good to be true. But yes when you would be reading this there is one of the 2 things happening for sure, either I am no more here or this curse on the nation is busted and everything is out in front of everyone to read.

This chapter will also finally cover the most important aspect in our country today that is journalism. You will get the detailed analysis on each of the aspect in and around journalism. I will also explain the fact why most of the people in the journalism industry could not do their job honestly despite wanting to do it. These big people either harass, threat or not allow them to do their job honestly leading to giving up of them to move on with the flow.”


Sushant finally said, ” Having said this, lets begin this together with my work being the torch for you in the journey. Your brain and yourself, remember the trust in your instinct being the guide. A lot of challenges will come on to you and you might have to go through all that I went through. But if you are able to complete this journey you will end up having the last laughs and that’s what matters. Any pain that you experience is nothing when the effort of your hard work pays off. ” 

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