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Which weight gainer is best for weight gain?

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Let me ask you a question. Do you know the exact definition of weight gainers? Certainly not because if you do, you will never consume it. If you remember, I explained the difference between “Weight loss” and “Fat loss” in my previous blog, “Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss & Fat Loss”. It is time to know weight gainers in a better way. I will also answer your question, “Which weight gainer is best for weight gain?”

“Weight gain” is an increase in body weight which can be related to muscle mass, bone density, fat deposits, water or other factors. People focus on gaining weight through sugars or carbohydrates leading to accumulation of more body fat or adipose tissue. It is not good for health. I have been continuously updating you the nutrients you are supposed to consume for energy. And you already know that Fat should be the supreme source of energy.

If your body never learns to burn fat, it will always store it leading to various disorders and diseases. Almost everyone consumes carbohydrates or sugar. You can observe if carbohydrates have been so good, metabolic disorders would have never existed! But it is not so.

Is weight gainer harmful?

Weight gainer is a high kilo caloric beverage or powdered drink used to bulk up the physique. Such beverages are very high in sugar or carbohydrate content and require drinking large volumes of the beverage. You may have this common understanding that weight gainers increase the size of your muscles. To some extent this is true but they tend to elevate unnecessary fat within your body as they contain carbohydrates. You should realise the fact that gaining of fat will always be higher than the muscle mass with such gainers!

Each one of you wants to tone up the muscles and gain muscle mass. You will never want to increase fat mass within your body. But you still end up with gaining more and more fat in comparison to muscles. That is because of the wrong guidance and lack of knowledge!

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Whoever tells you to choose weight gainer, they want you to decrease the consumption of natural food sources and have gainer instead! It very high in sugar or carbohydrate content leading to many side effects. Gainer contains dextrose, maltodextrin or sucrose which are more dangerous than white sugar. The hormone insulin spikes excessively!

I have seen many school going kids who are too thin and look for gaining weight. Such kids have the tendency to get attracted to weight gainers. In fact, they start gaining fat mass and not the muscle mass upon the consumption of weight gainers which make them look more mature and aged. This happens due to gainer’s effect on hormones.

It is not incorrect to say that the main target of such gainers is the youth. That is why many of them get diabetic, have blood pressure issues and suffer from hormonal disorders. It is mentioned on gainer’s boxes that it is a mass gainer but nobody tells you that it mainly leads to fat mass gain and not the muscle mass gain! My focus here is the ratio! The ratio of increase in fat mass percentage is double the increase in muscle mass percentage. Because you cannot ignore the fact that muscle takes time to develop as compared to fat.

Which weight gainer is best for weight gain?

Now, there are two types of weight gainers. One is the mass gainer and other is lean gainer. In mass gainers, protein to carbohydrate ratio is 1:3. To give an example, if you consume a drink having 10 gm of protein so it will give you 30 gm of sugar or carbs as well. I must enlighten your knowledge with the fact that it contains simple sugars and not the complex ones which are again much dangerous for your body systems!

I am sure you have an idea that the macronutrient dominant in your plate will be used as an energy source by your body. Here with weight gainers, the dominant nutrient is carbohydrates or sugar so your body will use sugar to create energy out of it. Fat remains stored inside your body leading to lipogenesis meaning gaining of fat! To burn fat, it is a need to eat fat in dominance so that your body learns to utilise fat as an energy source. so, do you really think that weight gainers can give you good muscle mass or muscle gain? The brutal reality is it can lead to gain in fat mass more!

Lean gainer is a better choice as compared to Mass gainer. But I cannot recommend it either because the sugar content is excessively high in it. One more thing, when you eat protein with carbohydrate, it is a very confusing state for your body as the energy in kilocalories provided by both are same. 1 gm of carb and protein gives 4 kilocalories of energy so body gets confused as to which macronutrient to be utilised as an energy source!

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Moreover, carbohydrate contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms in its structure (CHO) and same goes to protein structure. Protein additionally contains nitrogen atoms (CHON) responsible for repair in the body. Due to presence of similar atoms in both, again it is a confusing state for your body as to which macronutrient to be used as an energy source. So, chances are higher that your body may utilise protein for creating energy within body. The protein needed for muscle building and other important functions will go in energy creation! Is it good or bad? Obviously not at all good.

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To conclude, weight gainers are not recommended because they have adverse effects on our body systems. Their tag line “mass gainers” means gaining double the fat mass as compared to muscle mass. Our goal should always aim to gain muscle mass and not weight gain. You can acquire muscle mass by consuming “Whey protein isolate”. You can refer my blog, “Whey Protein, Supplements and Whey Protein Supplements” for detailed information on varieties of protein supplements. Whey protein isolate helps you to obtain muscle mass and not the fat mass.

I would like to end it with the statement that you need to be patient when it comes to gaining muscle mass as it takes time. But it will definitely have positive impacts on your life as you will feel more fresh, young, energetic and toned up!

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