“Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 5”

Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 5-The Drug Mafia, Human Trafficking, Police Corruption, Dirty Politics, Female Gangsters, Crimes, drug mafia (1)_

Sushant Singh Rajput & The Drug Mafia

My main aim behind writing blogs on Sushant Sing Rajput is to make society aware of the bitter truth. The harsh truth of drug mafia, bureaucrats, diplomats, film industry and many such people who are idols of the major population all over the world. In continuation with previous blog, “Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 4”, here Sushant gives an overview about the relationship between crime and its occurrence due to factors such as religion.

He wants us to fight against the wrong doings and understand the psychology and motives behind carrying out such crimes. Now the war is no more on the battle field. “Big People” use weapons such as greed, poverty, religion, ego, pain, failure, grudge, personal rivalry, caste , gender, jealousy and lack of opportunity for their own benefits. Minors fall prey to them very easily.

The best weapon to fight against these people as per Sushant is the education. Minors fall prey to them so we can educate minors of what is right and what is wrong to avoid their indulgence in drugs as drug carriers.

A Topic To Think On!

We can observe how “Big People” target college students to promote violence nowadays. You must know that they own top notch hotels, pubs and even educational institutions in India and abroad. They allow back gate access to the drug peddlers as well as drug mafia. They lure such minors for drugs and for further crimes too. To give an example sleeping around with someone and paying hefty amounts to these minor.

This is a topic to think on that a person who wanted to expose the drug mafia & big fishes involved in various crimes was so called “weak” that he himself got addicted to drugs as per the theory of these big fishes. In fact he went into depression (LOL) so committed “Suicide’. They think how dumb the public is and literally laugh on everyone’s stupidity.

Crimes & Their Pattern

Sushant Singh Rajput continued writing in his diary, “The purpose of everybody’s living executes well when they reach their goals. Someone’s vision and life become fruitful when he or she is able to put a positive influence on at least one person. And that one person actually starts feeling much better. It is up to each one of us to make choices. There’s everything in this universe and it is up to us to take what we want.

This universe keeps calling. But the choice of “which call you need to take” is up to you. And till you have this zeal in you, no one, I repeat no one will be able to have negative influence on your life. The biggest pattern involved in the crimes will be another lesson that we need to learn.

First, understand the psychology behind these crimes because you will be able to get the mindset of the occurrence. This actually can be of great help. Because the pattern one follows to carry out such crimes depends upon his or her psychology. Remember, the sequence of events is completely proportional to the occurrence.”

Weapon Against Crimes

Sushant added, “Another important aspect here that can play a major role to control crimes is education. This is the weapon that is the need of the hour. This is a weapon which can put an end to the crimes specially done by the minors. Basically these minors act as drug carriers.

I am sorry to have hurt you if I am saying this. But the context of education that I am quoting here is not necessarily the education of A for apple, b for ball. But the education where someone has to stand up and start telling these kids what are the ill effects of all the activities that they do. And how good a future they possibly can have if they stay good and have belief in themselves.

It is equally important that we give the new generation not just the education in books which is a brain wash that the invaders have left behind but put an effort to make sure we give our kids the best education explaining the ethics of our history and the real meaning of the word religion likely said by the X President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam that religion is a tool to make friends for the wise.”

Crimes & Religion

Sushant Singh stated, “I would like to further add the lines which came out in the movie PK2. The lines were, “If we start following the one who made us, then follow the one whom we made, there would not be a single instance in the society ever where religion would be the cause of violence”.

The reason I wrote all this is in detail is because these crime syndicates have some weapons. Those weapons play an important role for them. For example insecurity, greed, poverty, religion, ego, pain, failure, grudge, personal rivalry, caste , gender, jealousy, lack of opportunity. There might be a lot more but during my research 80% of the crimes revolved around the factors I mentioned above.

The small introduction and the detailed explanation would help you to have the required set of mind so to understand the importance of yourself. It would help you gear up for the right fight in the right way. The point that matters the most here is your preparation and your mindset that would go along with your preparation because as I always say that the fight is not easy and the people those you are up against are not easy targets.”

Crimes, Money & Drug Mafia

"Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 5"-The Drug Mafia, Human Trafficking, Police Corruption, Dirty Politics, Female Gangsters, Crimes

He added, “The crime that happen in the drug mafia world can be summed with the connections it has with the poor and the needy. When I did my own study around the matter, it came out like this. Most of the carriers involved in the movement of drugs from one spot to another don’t even know what they are carrying. It is just that they get hefty sums for it.

The zonal leaders who know about this, they themselves are addicts and ensure that the people working for them must get addicted to drugs too. Handful of money and “sasta nasha” as they call it, is what such minors need. You might think that I have lost my mental balance. But as a matter of fact, you need to understand that money and poverty play a major role for drug mafia. Most of such crimes happen with the help of these children for who “charas” and “ganja” are now like their daily coffee and tea.

This is a key to know the carrier network and to make sure that you have right approach in tackling the problem. You must be aware of how these people work, they choose kids who are below the poverty line and how they train them for this work. The biggest weapon that works in their favor is our system.”

Politics & Drug Mafia

Sushant explained, “When I tried to study the psychology of these kids, their attitude was, “ Bhai to sabka baap hai, police saala rishwatkhor aur sarhakchaap hai”. It means the gangster is more powerful than police because police itself is the briber & lofer. This is the mindset that is being fed into these kids and the mindset is easily fed into these kids by the society and us because the way we portray ourselves is playing a major role in these young brains.

No doubt there are so many honest officials but one out of 10 or one out of 100 is the ratio. Such officials bow their head in front of money despite doing their duty what they have to. If you feel that I am confusing you, the only request I got to make here is that if you think and try to connect yourself with the reality then you will feel what I am speaking is total sense and there is no way anyone can feel otherwise.”

Corruption & Gunda Mindset

He writes, “We need to stop this and “how” is the biggest question mark. Corruption in the system and fear in the mind of public is what they want. This is giving this “gunda mindset” the much needed mileage. Just think who is falling prey to them? The innocent kids and the weak segment of the society who feel that these strong people are the heroes.

And yes, this is adamant in the society today. Look at the power hierarchy too. Some people’s representatives too have a very dirty past yet they are in our system as Corporators, MLAs, MPs and Ministers. The only way this can stop is by providing the right education to these kids.

They are less fortunate to go to school or are a little weaker on family front. Sometimes their family too doesn’t have time for them and the family is not even ready to understand their problems. Why this happens, we cannot blame anyone here.”

Drug Mafia & Human Trafficking

He told, “The only people to blame are the people of the society. It is such a matter of shame that we are responsible for this. It pains when the kids who are just out to their teens enjoy doing drugs and carry it to earn money. Drug mafia has direct connection with the slums in and around Mumbai and a lot of other places nearby.

The drug industry has a direct connection with human trafficking. More importantly you must know the pattern in which they operate. My close observations in this cycle are as follows. The person who is actually carrying the packet, most of the time he doesn’t even have an idea what he is carrying.

The trend now is that the drug mafia look for girls around the age of 20 to 25. The girls who left their home for one reason or the other. Such females have the mobile phones which are not working or not necessarily carry a mobile phone all together. What follows from here is very very dangerous.”

How drug mafia operates?

Sushant stated, “Now, drug mafia asks these girls to book cabs and tell cooked up emotional stories. They need to tell cab drivers that they are new to the city and so have to make a local call to seek help. The code words they use on this call is like a scripted story and the taximan feels that this is the truth. I will share a real life incident here so that you are extra careful when you counter such incident.

I would like to clear that this might look scary and you might feel that every girl is same. Please don’t take it in that sense. Sometimes a genuine one might definitely need help. But make sure that you note the time you meet the person, the phone call he or she makes and record the call.

I was walking out in my garden but I felt an urge to go for half km jog. An incident happened to me near my farm house. While I was running on the road, I stopped at a place to buy water. A cab driver was standing right next to me. A girl out of nowhere approached him and asked him for help. She told him that she had come to the place because a main friend of hers called. But now she feels he has cheated on her. “

Female Gangsters

She wanted to inform her people so that they could come and receive her as she’s not from the city. She requested the cab driver for a quick phone call and the cab driver readily obliged. What happened next sends a chill down my spine. The girl spoke to someone saying, ” Uncle, I am standing on the streets. I came to meet a friend who told me to buy some medicines for his ailing mother. He said he would meet me here. But he did not turn up. I don’t have money and I don’t know what to do.” One second, she passed on the phone to the cab driver.”

The cab driver was just saying, “yes sir, yes sir.” The people left the place. I stood there in confusion. What exactly happened? I could see a bike following the cab. In shear shock I decided to follow the bike. I was quite at a distance from my place but managed to convince the shopkeeper. I left on his vehicle and could catch up with them but maintained my pace.”

Women in Organized Crimes

Sushant mentioned, “The reason for me to follow only god knows. But later when the matter unfolded, I only have my Mahadev to thank for giving me an entire different angle to my study around these crimes. When the vehicle finally stopped, the girl went inside the medical store. The people left from there and the bike which was following them was following them back again.

In this gap, I contacted Nahar and asked his help on this issue. I went inside the medical store and asked the shopkeeper what happened. He told that when the girl was at the counter, she told cabby, ” I do not think that my friend is one of those people who ditch. I want to try his number one last time and ask for help.”

The cab driver readily obliged and said okay. She spoke on the call and told the cabby that they have to go back to the spot from where he picked her up. After listening to the shopkeeper, I found it fishy and called the police to the spot of her pickup.”

Police Corruption In India

He said, “I just asked the medical store owner one simple question, “did she buy any medicines from you?” He answered, “No, I am seeing her for the first time.” My doubts became 10 times more stronger. I reached the place by then. We saw that 4 people nabbed and cornered the cab driver claiming they were police. They were about to loot money from him.

Luckily by the grace of god, real police arrived. But what happened after this was no less to a shocker and sent a chill down my spine. The policemen never really showed any interest in what was happening around, instead started talking rudely to the cab driver. When Nahar tried to question, the policemen bluntly told him, “He’s lying on our face, these crook cabbies are all same.”

This shook me off that day and I didn’t know whom to speak to and whom not to. I thought the best I could do is to inform the higher level officials about this. But then what happened in the station makes me cry tears of blood even today. This was what I never expected and this in turn made me realize one thing, you are all but for yourself.”

Police Corruption In Mumbai

The officials said ,”Oh! Sushant sir, you are such a big star. Why do you want to fall in this case and other shit which is none of a concern to you! You please focus on your career. Taken that you saw this, I will definitely take your case but then it will have its effects on you only. You might have to fly abroad for an outdoor shoot but you might not be able to because of this case.”

My conscience speaks. I revolt it then he behaved like a very good and respected person. He showed his concerns and said, “Because you have told this to me, I will go ahead. For your satisfaction, I will do an enquiry around it and try to understand what exactly is the issue. I will get back to you.”

I walked out satisfied and decided to visit cab driver to give him some hope that he would get justice. But when I went to the cab driver’s house, I learnt from the neighbors that the cab driver committed suicide. Because he was taken for an enquiry and his mobile phone had the dialed numbers of drug peddlers. It was his number which made all the calls that day.”

The Suicide Theory

Sushant Singh Rajput wrote, “God curse that woman who came as a victim and forced an innocent to end his life. This was the worst day of my life. I decided that this investigation I am doing should stay within me. No one should be knowing about this. Not even my family. I want to make one point very clear here. While reading this, even for a moment you would feel that you should not help people who really might be in actual trouble, then No! That’s not the way how to do it.

I will tell you what I decided that day. If I would be in such a situation, I would definitely help the person who is in need. I’ll give him my phone to call anyone by keeping the record button on. And after his call, I would share the recording and the purpose of the call to 5 friends of mine. I will also record the time of the call. I have helped the person in need and taken care of my safety as well.

This is one mode of operation that says since the time we got to know about this we were very alert to see out for connecting incident. And out came another incident which I feel is closely connected to the transport and tourism industry. This was my past that came onto me as a fresh memory. I instantly got back on those days even before I was an actor. That time, I was new to Mumbai and decided to take a dig around the city in one of the famous Mumbai darshan buses.”

Gambling in Mumbai

He said, “The bus stops near Juhu and we went for sightseeing. A fellow passenger saw some people gambling and he readily joined. He won the first round and he won the second round. But when the third round was about to begin, the guide came and told all of us to board the bus. This fellow passenger who was elderly gentleman wanted to quit the game. But the poker told, “till the game is over, you cannot leave from here”.

When the elderly gentleman wanted to revolt, the poker simply manhandled him and ran away with his purse and money.  A Police Hawaldar was standing right next, say 250 meters, stood unmoved. The poker managed to escape in one of the lanes and took advantage of the crowd.

When we approached the policeman he said, ” In such a big Mumbai city, should I do my duty or search for you purse?”. The guide added his words, “See here, behind the driver’s seat what is written! Stay aware of gambling.””

Mumbai & Hooliganism

At Last the words of Sushant were, “This was my welcome to aamchi Mumbai! Our Mumbai! The city of dreams, the city that never sleeps. My conscience speaks!”


This article or blog is created on the basis of information received from websites and public domain. Dr. Priyanka Jain (PT) w.r.t. http://www.drjainpriyanka.com cannot confirm its authenticity. This is not done to defame anyone. Here she has just tried to express her views.

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