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Elon Musk SpaceX

Elon Musk-I don’t know much about this man who is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism. Autism effects your nervous system & so overall emotional, cognitive, social & physical health of an individual. I have been with such patients & one could observe how difficult it was for them to communicate & socially interact. Such people have obsessive interests & so this crazy man has of whom I am going to write about in this blog. Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX didn’t have any background of space tech, rockets or Mars (the planet).

Elon had the curiosity to explore Mars & see if life does or does not exist on this red planet. He used to visit NASA website to know when they would go to Mars. Elon Musk was in his late 20’s when he went to Russia on a hunt for a rocket in order to reach Mars. But he didn’t get a good deal from the Russian space organization as he found it way too expensive for a ride to Mars. Just think that this crazy man with no background of rocket science & space travel already had an idea about the expense of the travel.

The Birth of SpaceX

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That’s how the journey of SPACEX started. The thought of manufacturing own rockets landed in his mind & that too such rockets which could be reusable and cost effective. You must know that a capsule is attached to the rocket. Now what is a capsule? It is a human spaceship or in simple words it is a chamber that carries crew/ humans to travel in space. You need a 3 stage rocket to carry this capsule in space. Rocket separates from the capsule in 3 stages.


After separation these rockets never used to come back and keep floating in the space forever. This led to a huge expenditure as the scientists had to make new rockets every time the capsules went to space. Elon Musk managed to invent reusable rockets in the year 2012. Following the first unsuccessful launch the words of Elon musk were, “We are prepared to face three consecutive failures in a row”. What a coincidence it was that he had to face exactly three consecutive failures in this mission.

The Downfall

The senior astronauts of NASA said, “We as a space organization cannot take a risk by partnering with SpaceX because it is not mature enough to fulfill such operations”. Musk had huge hopes with his invention as if it had been successful, he would have been partnered with NASA in space projects. He read many books and researched about rocket science and space travel so to fulfill his mission. I still remember his crying face in an interview following his failures.

The Ironman

This Ironman didn’t accept his failure. The interviewer then asked a question, “Do you think after three failures you should pack this up?” How brave and sure Musk was to reply, “Never, I can never give up, Either I will do or die”. Would you believe that Elon Musk is such a genius that he made a history recently with the first successful launch & landing of Falcon 9 rocket by SPACEX in the year 2018.

There was a time when he had tears in his eyes not because of the failure but due to the sincerity in his work. That’s why he also stated in his interview that the senior astronauts of NASA should visit and see his handwork themselves. Being in tears the confidence in his voice made him successful during the fourth launch.


There is a saying, “Embrace the good & let the bad be with them”. So learn to never give up on your dreams & never let your fighting spirit die due to failures.

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