“Sushant Singh Rajput – SSR Diaries Part 15”




Sushant Singh continued writing, “There might be some doubts in your mind why to believe me as I did not present any fact so far. I have been giving introduction over introduction to you but at the end of the day remember one thing! If you don’t know this in and out, you will end up doing mistakes I did. System, authorities and whatever angle you can think of, take it from me! There are very few people who actually respect and adore their job and rest are hand in glove with these people.

Most of the network works under the protection of these people. They all are so closely connected that if someone turns their backs on them, they get into action sooner than the passing of the wind and shall end the existence of the person sooner than the speed of wind.”

Fake Death Certificates

Fake Death Certificates

Sushant said, “Now comes another very very important angle in this chapter. This is the angle of deaths and the connection to the same. There are different angles attached to it and the angles can be explained as follows.

  1. Fake death certificates
  2. Faking death, Bank Fraud, Loan Fraud
  3. Buying of heavy insurance and then planning murders
  4. Death connected to hide investments

In the following slides, I will explain in details about their connections. I will tell you how these people use these sim cards for their benefits including money laundering.”


They select orphans for this job and use the connections from within and external to apply loans. The history is then created wherein for the first two instances, the payments will be prompted and the credit history is recorded as the best. After this, the real game of bank fraud starts. They apply for bigger amounts, then the person who applies for the loan just changes his or her name. This process continues for long.

The person who is doing this is just a character and not the real person. This keeps repeating for some time till they get the required funds. Later what happens we all know. One thing is that when the person dies all his liabilities are over. By using the fake sim card, they create fake identities and these identities are given a profile as a background.”

BANK FRAUD Continued

He added, “The background is basically from the shell companies as a Chairman or Managing Director. Then the companies and the counterpart of the syndicate invest in these companies giving them a very strong background. Then starts the game, the game of loan fraud. The game is trying to use these profiles into taking money where they use this money for vested interest. This is one of the biggest problems which is very very carefully executed and this is how you see rapid growth in these companies.

But now these things have become a little difficult, that is why the need of getting into the biometric security has become even more needful. After reading this, you will now be able to understand and make connections around it.”


Rajput told, “you might be confused as to why I have mentioned it as a separate instance. I did  it because this is a total different chapter. The way this operates is totally different when compared to the first instance. Here what happens is loans are not the target. But the target here are insurance companies. The entire process remains almost the same but the only difference is the way it operates. They purchase accidental insurance or related insurance and these mostly are heavy returns ones.  

There are two instances here: accidental or connected insurance where the returns are high and Mediclaim. In the next slide, I shall explain the insurance angle and shall debunk all related incidents. When you will reach the place where you will understand the entire thing, you will get the connected proofs too.

Now the 1st thing here is the accidental insurance. These people book accidental insurance having heavy returns. Then there stays the death of the person on whom the insurance is. Till the claim is processed through such insurance, the calls happen with these sim cards. They do this to make sure that there is no track of conversations happening between 2 parties.”

LOAN FRAUD Continued

He said, “Here the thing that happens is very very important because these people have great connections with the insurance companies. If something goes wrong wherein if someone tries to come up with a case of bank fraud or so, these people would never worry. Because the games start when the insurance is made itself from there. The thing is like they plan every instance carefully and execute it perfectly.”

Mediclaim Insurances

Singh expressed, “The hospitals are set up and mediclaim policies are made. But there is no admission, no treatment, nothing. They approach top profile doctors and they fix these doctors’ share. Then what happens is the hospital management is approached and their share too is fixed. There is no scarcity of hospitals for these people and hence the things for them go smooth, real smooth. The only person who suffers here is the common man.  

These people have all these ways of doing these things and yet get away. But as a common man, we have so many things to follow, so many rules and procedures and what not. I wonder why there are these 2 types of systems in the society! Why do we have to take the load of these people who are having their own sweet time? They are those people who plan their crime so well that even if someone wants to take action of bank fraud or so, there is no evidence.

If there is evidence too, these people ensure that there is no way this can be pushed towards a result.”

Next Chapter

Sushant Singh Rajput expressed, “Before I start a next chapter, I would like to make you aware that this is just a brief introduction on the working modules, the actions they take and the work they do. Now in the next chapter I would like to take up is , how these people work and how is it they plan and execute all these crimes so that nobody can trap them. I will explain in detail about this syndicate, this cabal, this nexus.

I will also brief out how it came into existence and what were the first tasks these people did. How did they gain prominence and important terminologies they use in their day to day activities.”

Sridevi’s Death

Friends, here it reminds us of an Oman insurance that actress Sridevi had. The first instance that made Sridevi suspicious was when their house in Mumbai caught fire. Before the house caught fire, Boney Kapoor apparently came and told her to vacate that floor. He said that that floor was about to catch fire and asked her to shift to the next floor.

If you all remember, Sridevi’s family took the insurance just a year or a year and half year earlier before her death and then they planned her the death. Lets go further with Sushant’s diaries.

Next Chapter continues

Sushant revealed, “Now this is where I would request you to keep your mind blank. Read each slide very carefully and understand each word of it. Sometimes you may not understand a particular word and wouldn’t actually know the meaning around it as it means something different. A total team which was working with me was on the task of listening to calls and decode data for us. We were always getting confused and thanks to VR for trying and making sure that our main person got caught.

This VR is the same Rs. 5 kaka biryani man. If you have made out who he is ,great! I am talking in riddles here because this kaka biryani is not important for now. But what is important is that you understand what exactly is the thing that is happening around, how you need to work so that you gain the upper hand just like you understand the body language of the police. In the following ways like we keep a watch on the shoes, we try to find out more than 5 pair of eyes are looking around each other .

If there is someone who is like scanning the whole area, no doubt your mind might now be thinking that how this is possible! How in the ocean of people we can find out this.”


Singh wrote, “let me assure you the noble soul I was talking about, have left each instance in detail on this. We will get a lot to learn about it but for now I just wanted to give a small filler to it. Because when I start the topic in the following slides, I don’t want it to be like that you don’t have any idea around anything that is happening. Moreover it is important that you take one chapter at a time so that the end result is successful.

The next slide will not just give you an idea of how exactly things were but also will give you speak volumes of how a girl from a middle class family challenged all the odds and also ensured that she was the best in what she did. She did not blindly go ahead with everything that was thrown to her. She chose her scripts well ensured that she first stood for herself and then was actually thinking of others.

But yes, I would actually be character assassinating here if I don’t add one thing. She was one great soul who always had that soft corner for strugglers. She was one of the main reasons for some big names you see on the screen today.”


Singh continued, “If you guessed it right nothing like it but if you have not, then this is the story of Divya Bharti. She was the woman who single handedly took everyone on and Yes! This is not a part of my research but a continuation from the research of 3 people who couldn’t finish it. Because of this research I met yet another wonderful soul for a very short time who was more of a hero off screen than on screen.

Yes from now on, you will start to learn a lot more around the dirty side of the entertainment industry. Get ready.

There are different types of queens in this context and the contexts are as follows. The first queen who is the head of prostitution racket. The prostitution racket runs under this man, its not a woman, it’s a man. Please don’t take it wrong but this is the man who is involved in this. There are various instances wherein this is the man who handles the drugs and child trafficking as well. The second queen is the one who is the head of the drug racket. This is again a male.”

Queens of Crimes

He said, “Everyone calls him queen when the item that comes into the picture here is brown sugar. Because whenever the use of drugs comes into picture, this needs a special mention. This is the term used earlier and the term now doesn’t exist. The third queen is in the horse racing. The horse which is about to win is the queen here because the queen is the horse you can bet on and win. Selective people know about this and this happens every time when this horse wins.

There is no doubt that there’s no chance this horse will lose. This horse always wins. The fourth queen is the main mastermind behind all this. She is like the Hasina Parkar. Hasina Parkar is someone who is like the lord, the owner of the area. She is the most powerful asset to the underworld.

The 5th queen is in the coming slides. I will humbly request you to not take up this topic now as this topic is very very huge. You will come into instant limelight and this is not a easy topic to handle now without complete information. For your safety, I am not giving the entire story now because anyone’s blood will boil and you will go after this. So I decided to pull it down for now and we will take this topic up later.”


Rajput ended writing, “Z everything here means extras and I will cover this chapter in extras from the next chapter. The chapter will have the complete explanation of these extras and this I will answer categorically. This is how we need to finish the work. Leave this slide alone.”

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