“Healthy Diet Plan For Weight Loss & Fat Loss”

Healthy Diet Plan For Weight Loss & Fat Loss
Mam, my marriage is next month. I want healthy diet plan for weight loss.
How to gain weight within 15 days? I want healthy diet plan for weight gain.
Mam, I am going to water park next week. I want abs! What is the healthy diet plan to lose weight.

These are the common requirements of people and they seek help of Personal Trainers in it. Some trainers give false hopes and commit unrealistic goals to be fulfilled in a shorter duration which they are not capable of. I admit that “Weight Loss” is definitely possible in a short period of time but not the “Fat Loss”. You must be pondering over the difference between “Fat Loss” and “Weight Loss”. Our body contains skin, bones, muscles, organs, blood, water, blood vessels, essential body fat, adipose tissue etc. Adipose tissue is the unnecessary fat present in and around your body also known as sub-cutaneous fat (deposited under the skin) and visceral fat (deposited around the organ).

“Weight loss” or “Fat loss”?

Would you like to lose weight of your muscles, bones, blood, essential body fat etc. or is it the unnecessary fat loss you want? Of course, you will never like to go for weight loss as weight can be of anything. If you lose muscle or the bone weight, it will be a dangerous situation for your body. It is always the extra fat which you want to get rid of and therefore, must address it as, “Fat Loss”.

People exhibit excessive enthusiasm and intense devotion toward the numbers on weighing scale. Their area of concentration is to lower down those numbers as soon as possible by any means. But you must understand that weight loss is not the efficient or correct method to become fit. It is not sustainable. Many of you will starve to achieve your goal because of which you may feel weak, lethargic and tired. Once you start eating the tasty food, there are higher chances of gaining weight, may be more than before!

Is Someone Fooling You?

Why did I say that that’s not an efficient method? Because while on weight loss, people are fanatic about the numbers i.e., weight on weighing scale. They are not at all concerned about what they are losing. Major population tend to lose muscle mass or bone mass which is a main reason for many diseases and disorders in the country. The unimportant fat remains same in their body systems. Are the fancy diet plans main culprit? Are the nutritionists and dieticians fooling you?

It is certainly True! Believe me, such diet plans are torturous with no taste and pseudo nutrition. A large number of people do follow them but the story will end with low vitamins, minerals, proteins etc in your body. Most frequent questions people ask are:

Doubts and Answers

Can this be taken care of?

Is Vegan healthy diet plan effective?

Is there a way to lead a healthy or disease-free life?

What sort of diet plan should we follow?

What should we eat for muscle gain or fat loss?

The fact is whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat, there is only one diet plan which will work for everyone. Let me rephrase it for you. You may feel weird but this is the only truth that exists. Various diet plans are being provided in the market as it is a money minting business for them. There is no rocket science in it. The way you get up in morning, brush your teeth, take bath and have breakfast, eating nutritious food should also be a lifestyle. It must be in your natural behaviour. You should never call it a diet plan, instead a lifestyle.

When someone tells you that you have to follow the plan for 3 to 4 months, the time duration starts engulfing your mind. You follow it with a state of mind that it will get over within 4 months and you can get back to the old track once again. The moment you take it as your lifestyle, it becomes very easy to get into it.

Correct Clean Nutrition CCN

Here the Eating habit I am asking you all to adapt is (CCN) Correct Clean Nutrition which includes proteins and fats in equal ratio with minimal amount of carbohydrates. There are numerous reasons to start enjoying CCN i.e., Correct Clean Nutrition about which I have already mentioned in my earlier blogs, “Importance of Protein and Amino Acids”, “Know about Good Fat vs Bad Fats” and “Types of Carbohydrate and Low Carb Diet”. Apart from those, the lifestyle which I would like you all to adapt through the food sources given below will definitely promote “fat loss” and not “weight loss”.

You will certainly observe positive changes in your life with the muscles and bones perfectly conditioned and stronger. The best thing is extra or unnecessary fat accumulated in and around your body will disappear gradually. You will get rid of lethargic and sick feeling instead your energy levels will be increased.

So, the conclusion is that Nutrition does play a vital role in managing your weight and health. One must look for an efficient lifestyle and not the diet plan. I am providing you a diet plan which soon I hope will turn out to be your lifestyle. Anybody in this world can follow it. This diet plan will definitely work on healthy individuals. Do consult a doctor if suffering from medical pathologies like Hypertension, Diabetes etc.

diet plan for fat loss

Diet Plan For Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain:

Meal 1(Upon Waking)Lukewarm water with half squeezed lemon (no sugar, honey or salt)
Meal 1 (Breakfast)Poha/ Besan cheela stuffed with paneer or veggies / Boiled eggs / Omelette / scrambled eggs / Bullseye or Sunny side up / Chicken sausage / Mutton / Lamb.

Chicken / egg / Paneer sandwich / Upma. 
Meal 2 (Brunch)Coconut water / Green tea / Black coffee / Buttermilk / Paneer smoothie / Berry smoothie/ Chicken Soup / Tomato Soup / Broccoli Soup.
Meal 3 (Lunch)Paneer / Egg / Chicken / Mutton Curry or sausages, salami, Tikka / Shahi paneer / Butter chicken / 1 Bowl of white rice with any legumes (Kidney beans or Chole)  

Almond flour chapattis 1 or 2 / Paneer bhurji + Vegetable or fruit curd, Prefer Non- chilka dals or pulses eg. Lal Masoor Dal 
Meal 4 (Snacks)Almonds / Peanuts / Sprouts chaat / Fruit chaat / Green salad + Fresh Cream / Avocado
Meal 5 (Dinner)Paneer curry / Scrambled paneer / shahi paneer/ Kadhai paneer / Paneer Tikka (Highly preferred)

Chicken drumsticks fried / Mutton Rogan josh / Chicken Malai Tikka / Fish Tikka / Shaami Kebab / Mutton Kebab / Galouti Kebab.
Meal Plan

Kindly Note the Following:

  • Do not force feed.
  • Eat as per your hunger & not your taste.
  • Drink water when thirsty. Never ignore your thirst.
  • Prepare your food in ghee, butter & coconut oil. if these options are not available then use ground nut oil, rice bran oil.
  • No fruit juices.
  • Full Fruit can be eaten twice a week.
  • Avoid Banana and Chiku. Berries like blueberry, blackberry and strawberry can be taken.
  • No grains and cereals like wheat, rice, porridge, oats, cornflakes.
  • Consumption of roti or rice is not recommended. If consuming, try to minimize the quantity as much as possible.
  • Jawar roti, Bajra roti, Ragi roti are recommended in initial stages. Minimize their intake in longer run.
  • Avoid breads and junk food. You can start by decreasing the quantity of breads. Initially if you eat 4 breads, make it 3 or 2. Decrease it gradually.
  • Milk, Curd, Cheese, Butter, Buttermilk are allowed to consume.
  • No white sugar. Choose stevia as a sweetener.
  • Green leafy and green vegetables are allowed.


  • This is a general diet plan for a healthy individual (not suffering from any disease).
  •  This plan clearly shows that vegetarians have a very little choice available.

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  1. I am 34 yr old and weight 106 kg want to loose the weight by a good diet and less exercise as due to over weight I am not able to workout and I also have calcium deficiency so plz help me

    1. Dear Mahesh,
      I have mentioned a diet plan with this blog. Kindly start your day following the diet plan. Moreover, for any deficiencies in your body, you can take supplements recommended by your doctor or you can call us @9650476019 for better assistance.
      Have a good day!

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