What is Religion? Is it Important?

What is Religion

What is Religion ?


“Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, Sab Hain Bhai Bhai” is what we are taught since in our childhood. But does this really exist? Since beginning, I had this thought process that every one is equal and no religion is bad. And it’s the human mentality and karma which makes it good or bad or even worse. This blog will focus on the bitter truth of religion & how Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is a big part of it.

My last blog was on ,”Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 6“. I would now like to seek your attention to the line that I said above that “No Religion is Bad”! This statement is true if the said it promotes equality, prosperity, freedom and not the hatred and superiority.

When a religion claims to be superior or it teaches the harmful tact which can put someone in pain and grief, I certainly bet that that it can never be good instead it’s a hoax. As you know that a bad thing has the tendency to be more convincing and attractive, that is why people fall prey to it easily and happily.

Religion & Its Definition


What is religion? It is a particular system of faith and worship or an interest followed with great devotion but thing varies. I will make you understand through an example. Imagine, two kids playing cricket with each other. One of them is out while attempting to run due to which the other kid gets angry. He starts abusing the other kid with rage, hurts him with indecent words and even slaps him on his face. What will be your thought on this?

It is simple. The one hurting the other is not a good child. Similarly when a follower of a particular religion disrespects and abuses the followers of other religion, why don’t people feel the same way?  If you live in a society surrounded with intoxicating environment that may harm you, you will not love to live in that society. You will definitely try to change the place. Likewise, when one dominates and makes it difficult for other religion to prosper, it’s a sign of warning and you must retaliate.

You know that there are certain rules in games like cricket, football, snooker etc. When the players participate in these games , they need to follow some rules and regulations. Similarly, different religions have some set rules followed by the people in order to excel in life. Rules are meant so that human can thrive and prosper.  

If a religion teaches you to be good, I will without a doubt say it is worth following. If not, it should immediately be discarded. I may sound rude but this the harsh reality !

Whatever I have mentioned in this blog have had happened many times and the ugly form of religion was clearly visible in early 90’s in Kashmir, India. Controversial politics can been seen around this movie called, “The Kashmir Files”. Many speakers of the said parties claim that whatever content is being shown in the movie is a big lie!  What do you think? Is it a lie? 


Politicians like Arvind Kejriwal enjoy hurting people’s sentiments especially of the true sufferers! If such conscious endurance of distress or pain is a lie, then definitely the politician who was slapped and beaten on the streets of Delhi while promotion is also a big lie! Possibilities are high that he had paid them for the act in order to gain publicity and sympathy of people.  

It is not new to observe politicians like Arvind Kejriwal playing with the sentiments of Hindus. Because you could watch him playing with all his heart with the careers of the youth by providing them electricity, water and even liquor for free. Arvind Kejriwal is a such a chameleon that just to gain the popularity and sympathy of a specific religion, he opposes the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and opposes a crude reality of Kashmir. But during elections, he visits temples, makes pilgrimage to Ram Mandir & even to senior citizens.

Arvind Kejriwal & The Lesson


Arvind Kejriwal belongs to no one. He must take a lesson from 19 year old young boy, Pradeep Mehra, popularly known as ‘The Midnight Runner’. He works at a McDonald’s restaurant in Noida Sector 16 and runs back 10 km to his village to prepare for the army.

During his run, someone offered him a free lift and even the dinner but he refused. This was because he wanted to join Indian army. And he knew that solely his hard work with the best physical capacity can make him achieve his dreams and not the free things!! Pradeep said, ” World bows down to hard work”, and requested everyone including media not to distract him from his goal.

I want to ask you all a very simple question. Wasn’t it easy for Pradeep Mehra to opt for free things in life? Still he didn’t because at such a young age, he knows the consequences of opting for free things. He knows, if you want to ruin the life and career of a person, just feed him for free. Make him sit idle and your job is done. Believe it or not, this is what Kejriwal is doing.

Arvind Kejriwal & The Questions

Will Arvind Kejriwal feed the whole state till he is alive? He may respond with a “yes”! But then, one more question is there. Is Mr. Arvind Kejriwal getting free things from his pocket? Certainly not. All such grants are given by the central government to which he abuses through out the day including the tax payers’ pocket viz you and me!

Pradeep gave a very simple and meaningful message to the whole nation. He said, “Always work hard as it it is only the hard work that people bow down to and not the free facilities.”

Kindly pay attention to the his words, “hard work!”


Through this blog, I am not defaming any religion. I just want to bring up the truth and I want you to focus on my statement as I said above:

  1. Following it is harmless, be it physical, emotional or mental.
  2. Never go for free things in life. You cannot taste the real success until you have worked hard for it.
  3. Free will always deteriorate your personality and can never build you.
  4. Beware of cunning politicians and start thinking logically.

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