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Manya Surve - A Good or A Bad Gangster

The Rise of the Cabal

SSR Diaries

My blog, “Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 12” focused on the modes of communication that Underworld Mafia follows. In this blog, you will get to know more secrets of Underworld and Manya Surve.

Sushant Singh stated, “You might think that you have enough knowledge about Underworld Mafia as you watch them in Bollywood movie and read about it on the internet. If you think you have the real knowledge about it then you are wrong. The syndicate got its roots stronger in this country. The main reason the underworld came into existence as per one of the learned person whom I met during the research is directly related to the dirty game power.  

Today if the cabal exists, each and every greedy and power hungry people are responsible. This is because it has these white collar people who gave rise to the empire of crime. The crime that rose in ranks and now is at its peak, at its supreme. The actual rise of crime happened in early 80’s and this gave rise to a completely different era in the country. Till then whatever was happening, only to certain confined areas stared to come out in the open and these things continued to happen more often then not.”

Underworld & “Dalals”


Sushant added, “The broker! This word…The broker is the civil word for dalal. I am using this as a first chapter so that I can actually explain from the root. This word dalal will give you an idea that how exactly these crimes started! How it is working even to this day? This is an important chapter which will run in the next five slides wherein I will explain all the points connected to the underworld. I will also give out some information around the basic facts around underworld.

You will be reaching the actual slides that have the proofs of all the information I shared. It would be the journey around how we got our hands onto the information. If on earth, you decide to go the legal way then you can answer every single question without thinking even for the split of a second. The photon in a double split and my journey around this along with my love for physics got more and more intense when I found out the way these people work.

This is the another experiment of mine which I didn’t want anyone to know what was I up to. This can actually be one of the main reasons that can lead to my death also. It can lead to my death as I am an honest and responsible citizen of India. I try to do my duty and it has always exposed me but I don’t care. The universal law of energy and my own conscience are there to ensure that my mission, my dream, my work will complete one day.”

Underworld & “Contact”

Rajput said, “If the journey of life does not have thorns, if the journey of life is very very smooth, what have I lived if I did not cry with my people, what have I lived if I didn’t laugh with my people, what have I lived if my life didn’t become an example.

The broker is the most important link of this syndicate. These dalals are the most important go to people who can do anything for the main person who is his contact. Here the word, “contact” is the most important subject in this context. Because this is the person who the dalal can go to any extent to protect the contact! This is because the contact also is someone who can do anything for the dalal till he can. But then if someone steps back, it is this contact. Let me explain who is he contact now.

The contact is someone who is the boss. He is the man who has at least 25 brokers under him. He is connected to the main bosses of the syndicate and that is how a transaction happens. Let me explain it with the simplest of all the transactions that is hawala. What happens if a hawala transaction has to be made? Well, the boss contacts this “contact” at the first place and tells him the amount. The contact takes the commission and then connects with the broker.”

Underworld & “Angadias”

Sushant Singh expressed, “Now the broker connects with these people who are “angadias or mushtis”. These people are the people who arrange the entire set up and the things. Dalal is the one who forms the bridge where he can take care of all the transactions. Depending on the needs, he arranges the carriers. I explained in my previous slides the working of these carriers. So without going into any further explanation about it, I shall go ahead and continue. Lets know about the things that happens from here.

When the transactions are ready, he initiates the process of transfer by connecting both the sides. He is the person who arranges for the mutual agreement. Once the transfer initiates, that contact is someone who shall take care of all the implications that would come into the context. If god forbid, any complications occur then there is one easy way to settle all this. This settlement works like a game of chess. The persons who are the carriers are like pawns who are sacrificed easily.

Then the next in line are the angadias, here the game ends. This is where the contact comes into play. From here, he makes sure that this doesn’t go further and the game ends here.”

Manya Surve- The Gangster

Manya Surve

Rajput wrote, “That’s why everyone heavily respects the contact for the boss. If he has the choice to make between the dalal and the contact, the boss will definitely go for the dalal not the contact. This is because he can have anyone moderate as a contact but not anyone can easily play the role of the contact. There is a beautiful explanation of this which revolves around the death of one underworld gangster. His name is Manohar Arjun Surve aka Manya Surve because his death is the standing example for the entire episode.

But don’t entirely believe what is shown in movies as it is not the entire story. In fact, the story which is shown or told is the biggest lie in the history of entire underworld mafia. This is a story where police officers had the choice to make between Dawood Ibrahim and Manya Surve and they picked Manya Surve.

The reason behind why they picked Manya Surve as per the people, it’s the plan of the police. It was not just the police but there were many other angles attached to it. This is somewhere or the other connects to some political leaders who are not in power and the dalals who play a major role when a single government doesn’t have the majority. Had Manya Surve lived for 5 more years then there would be lot more changes for the betterment of Mumbai.”

Shootout at Wadala

Singh continued, “This is documented in some selected work of selective people. One of my contacts is in touch with one such person and hence I know the whole story! The only reason this connection sounds some sense to me is that Manya never went into crime on his own. He was not a criminal by choice. He was a situational criminal. The troubles that life put on him, the allegation that rose on him and the way he overcame those and then stood up is no less than a great inspirational story.

You might be under an impression that I am glorifying a gangster. But the fact is that this gangster’s death is the best example of the difference between a “contact” and “dalal”. What happens when the water comes up to the contact’s neck and he has the fear that his boss would step into the picture? The movie John bhai acted in “Shootout at Wadala”, you may think is what I am penning down here but it is not so.

Trust me! Once I finish, you will know why I took this entire subject. You will understand how important a role is played in shaping up of this dirty game of hired killers in the forces too. The contact here in the context is the master mind behind this encounter. Today this mastermind as on date is one of the most powerful persons in the Indian system. He also plays a major role in some major decisions around some states too. I would not name him but lets call him “Raja” here for now.”

Manya Surve & His Principles

Sushant Singh Rajput mentioned, “So, Manya was working mainly for Raja and Raja used to take Manya’s decisions in most of the crimes. This is because Manya had 3 things which no one did. The first was a learned brain, second was iron will and third was his sweet innocent face. Someone from his own team believed that it is the contact himself who exposed manya surve. Manve Surve was not even in the limelight . Here, limelight doesn’t mean he was clean but when compared with others he was far far better.

The only mistake Manya Surve did was he never went against his conscience and this pricked the contact . The boss was in favor of Surve but the contact turned the tables around for him. The contact played the dirty game of death and this became the first ever recorded encounter in the history of Bombay then Mumbai now. I would not be wrong to say that he was a person who had different dreams and wanted to go into different direction. But one person’s ego got hurt.

Because of this person’s ego and another person’s greed, an innocent person who was on a total different track, he came into this track and destroyed his life.”

Manya Surve & Drugs

Sushant told, “The reason I am mentioning about Manya Surve in detailed way is because this person became one of the main reasons why the underworld shot to fame . The main reason for me to write it is not just this angle but the other most important angles that I explained earlier. There was the rise of another dawn and you would know why Manya Surve became a pain to them. The people whom I spoke to as I had said earlier had just one opinion that this man was a gem who never did the wrong thing and nor let the people do wrong.

I am not glorifying a crime here. But we need to understand here is the reason why he committed the crime. You must know that what kind of a person he was and what led to his fault! How this led to the rise of someone who potentially became the uncrowned king of the underworld, all such facts I will be discussing further. The reason for his death was he didn’t want to promote drugs anywhere in Mumbai. This was one thing which made him fall down.

He never thought twice before he did anything else but when the question of drugs came he was someone who was always against it. This is what I got to know about Manya through Munir when I met him for the first time. The story he told me shook me to the core! I won’t name the person now but he was the one who was very power hungry. When this news reached the ears of Manya Surve who back then was in his prime, then one incident happened which shook the power hungry person to the core.”

Manya Surve & Haji Mastan

 Manya Surve & Haji Mastan

Sushant Singh added, “The person who was having a happy day in every second of his life got the shock of his life when his first consignment of drugs got burnt by Manya Surve’s people. There started the rivalry. There was one other person who was against getting drugs into Mumbai and he was none other then Haji Mastan. But the only difference between the both was Haji Mastan was not as strict as Manya Surve and was always concerned about his image in the public.

Manya was literally heart struck on this and was hellbent with just one point no to drugs, no to drugs, no to drugs. This man had to be put to rest because back then drugs were not this seriously dealt , no matter what anyone else has to say on this. I go by the facts and the facts say that back then the drug angle was not that big. Duplicate alcohol and drugs were the 2 enemies in the life of Manya Surve. Manya surve was an important part of my research just because he was in some kind of serious work.

It was that serious work which was doing good for the society . This I came to know much later. Initially I didn’t know much about him. Our industry made sure that his story must be shown in the way the industry always wanted. Bollywood changed the entire narrative of the movie and used it to benefit them.”

Manya Surve & His Death

Rajput proceeded, “The fact that movie shows these days are not true because when I was trying to understand the main link between human and child trafficking, I met Mr.X. This Mr. X told me that Munir, Raghu and Manya Surve always were against this and drugs. It was because of Manya Surve, a lot of things were going in human way in the underworld. He was the main reason who kept in check the entry of International syndicate into Underworld life of Mumbai.

The person went ahead and explained various instances where it was one person or one team which was always the hurdle in the way of youngsters from getting into drugs. Moreover, he always had a soft corner for the people who had nothing or the people who were nobody. He had a soft corner for those who wanted to achieve something in their lives and so he always supported them. Manya Surve is a real unsung hero in life because he is the one who saved many actresses like I won’t name them now.

But one actress who passed away after some years of Manya Surve’s death has credited Manya for saving her from the eyes of some dirty onlookers in a shabby shabby incident on the streets of Mumbai.”

Underworld & Manya Surve

Singh commented, “Not just this, there was another movie which the government organization was producing. As a conscience this time, the producer was the target of Underworld. Yet again a person who came to his rescue was from Manya’s team only. I have someone whom I could connect on close personal angle. Manya stopped the harrasment that was happening because the film was for a social cause. Its subject was also good. Underworld mafia was harassing the director of the movie but Manya made sure that the director should feel at ease.

The dialogue used In the movie, “Shootout at Wadala “ “Ki aa gaya Mumbai ka naya baap Manya Surve“ was loud and clear in a way that my person whom I got the information from, said his eardrum busted out and the voice still rang in his ears. He told me, “if I want to pick out one guy from all the bad guys who would live up to his words then for me its Manya Surve.” These were the exact same words used by the person I spoke to.

This person directed me to meet some more people to know some more on the subject. Although later there were complications because of some of these people whom I met. But I would be ever thankful to this person because I was a blind person who had no idea what to do and how to start! I had no idea how to find answers for the problems which did not let me sleep in peace. It was this person because of whom I found the right direction.”


Sushant said , “I will name the persons with proof in the following slides so that the sufferings and pain with the bad karmas of these people can come to an end. This burden has to be released so that we can hope the generation to follow more values than money. This is only possible if I will remove these people’s masks and make them naked in front of the public. This has to happen as self effort because nothing can be expected from the agencies.”

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