“Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 4”

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Photon In A Double Slit

I could see “Photon in a Double Slit” written in Instagram profile of Sushant Singh Rajput. By it, Sushant meant that he wanted to expose 3 things. Those are Drugs angle, child trafficking and inhuman purpose for which some big people wanted to use his AI Project. Today, I have come up with Sushant’s notes in continuation to my previous blog, “ Sushant Singh Rajput- SSR Diaries Part 3”.

In this blog you will find that, Sushant Singh mentioned about the blackbuck case, its relation to Salman khan and the deeper conspiracy behind this incident. It has a connection with the hit and run incident. Because of Salman’s real closeness to royal family of Rajasthan, he could use the influence and get away in hit and run case. 

But because of his affair with the daughter of the Maharaja of Rajasthan, the blackbuck case was totally made up to harass Salman Khan. He was the only one implicated for this case though others for example, Saif Ali Khan were also involved in the incident.

Royal Families And Salman Khan

So Sushant wrote, “Another angle to this whole story is the involvement of the X Royal Families. These families are influential and our system is a puppet in their hands. While reading this you might get confused as to why I am making a mention of this but the fact is that there have been hearsay incidents wherein the connection to this what I just have mentioned does have strong backings and some cases are indeed connected.

The investigation I got to do around this is around Salman bhai in the hit and run case it says rumored relationship with the daughter of the current royal family of the Rajasthan that have helped him get out and take charge of the situation then. But when Maharaja found out about this, the black buck shooting was made a case against him and he was harassed.”

Salman Khan and The Blackbuck Case

Sushant Singh added, “No doubt what happened was wrong and there’s no excuse for this crime. But if this question someone could answer for me, it would actually make one understand some points. Was Salman bhai the only person who was involved in that incident that fateful day? The weapon which Salman bhai used belongs to whom? As on date there is no verification of this incident and when i will get one, I shall make separate notes on this.

The reason I made a mention to this is because this connection is equally important to understand this cabal. To use the right chain of events as reference when you would start your investigations, you must understand it. The only thing that I would like to humbly plead is not to take me wrong or think I am biased because all that I am doing is for my own good. My conscience speaks.”


He said, “There’s no point of trying to look for options to search for help. Because it is quite adamant that there is no one in the industry whom one can believe in. Not even the police forces who are just hand in glove with these people are reliable too. The complete chapter rotates around the same thing as to who needs how much and what is each one’s share.

I don’t have much evidences against the same and I am very sure that the limited evidences that I have been able to accumulate will not be enough for the greater perspective to be met! Yet I would say I am fighting this out as my own battle on my own without believing anyone anymore.

I am making sure that I should have proper backup of each aspect that I cover. The person who is going to follow this up for me if incase anything goes wrong needs to have a complete picture of what exactly is happening.”

White Collar Prisons

Sushant Singh Rajput mentioned, “The coming of IPL and such sports events that are coming up these days have become a hub of drug mafia. And the afterparties that happened during these events have a lot of dark and hidden secrets. Such parties represent connection between Bollywood and the underworld. Some crooks handle the entire crime who are inside the country. They never show their faces and never come out in public.

I will write about it in detail. Every single word mentioned here I would request you who is reading this to take on word at a time. Understand what I am trying to speak and then move ahead.

The prisons of our country too are hotspots of crimes that happen. The person sitting inside for the naked eye does a lot of these activities and works as a telephone operator for passing the messages. One way the nexus can be understood or busted is by trying to keep a close watch on the people who go into meet these noted criminals called “Entry” in legal language.”

SSR & Plan of Action

He stated, “Try and check for the activities they involve themselves in and the time they move out. Look for the people socially they meet before the entry and the people they meet after they come back from their visit. This is huge subject all together and shall require you to understand the slides to follow. You will find explanations of how exactly this works in order to understand the entire operation schedule.

You can then analyze and plan your POA, “plan of action” so that you don’t fall in trap or come into the eyes of these people. The way to go aboard according to me is do your work in silence. You must gather enough material and do your own researches too if needed. Then when you come out, come with facts and come out with a bang.

There is a huge element of risk to life but when the mission itself is so noble who cares what will happen to me. If this work of mine sees the light of the day with or without me, then I would consider that the birth I took as a human being was very very fruitful.”

“Sushant Singh Rajput” and “You”

Sushant Singh wrote, “If something happens to me before I finish this work, I would look up to the reader to finish this. I want to share something which might give you the impression that I am talking big. It might be boring you as well but the fact is that when you will reach to the end of these drives, you will find that I have done 65% of the job.

But would humbly request you to count it of as 50% and expect all these incidence as crash course and then proceed. Because if you store this information to your mind and then work on these files, your job will be a lot more easy.”

IPL, Cricketers & Bollywood

I personally also know that IPL is the hub of drugs in the afterparties. The Cricketers have been dating filmstars and changing their boyfriends and girlfriends as suited them. If I talk about Mahendra Singh Dhoni had Deepika Padukone in his life. Then this girl went with Yuvraj. Later she moved onto so many actors. It’s not a coincidence that these people meet actresses.

PR companies that manage Kwan, Maharashtra govt and profiles of many Bollywood people are all hand in glove with each other. Sushant rightly said that Media is a Prostitution as it is the puppet in hands of such people. They write all fake articles about actors and actresses they don’t like or want to ruin theie career. Film stars or politicians promote their images through such media.

Mumbai & Its Relation to Drugs, Prostitution & Hawala

Sushant Singh stated, “The city that never sleeps is the city which is into drugs. It is into illegal and anti activities and there are so many people within the system who are aiding this. The biggest aspect now is the control the jails have in and that happens from inside. Some people whom I met and spoke gave me so much information that shook my entire belief system.

But the lessons life taught me the last few days helped me get over it. Most of the jails in country is not a jail. It’s now much like a holiday resort, a place where everything under the sun is readily available. Like right from the drugs, prostitution and also hawala transactions, all happen in jails.

Now the most important aspect here is of the hawala and its connections such as underworld. Understand the importance of the words used during these transactions. 3 major aspects of hawala, 3 major bags, 3 major points sums up the entire hawala network.”

Hawala Systems

Sushant Singh described, “The analysis goes as follows: The aspects: khoka, Rokrha, Casette. This “khoka” means 1 crore, “rokrha” means the money is to be given as advance, “casette” means there is a definite track that has to be followed for the transactions. The most important hawala transaction is the casette transaction which means this money is for political agendas.

The khoka transactions shall happen for the shell companies. The rokrha transactions are for those wherein the amounts are small but the impacts are huge. Most of the terror attacks in the countries happen on these casette transactions. And episodes of escape which help Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya flee happen with the khoka transactions.

3 major bags, “green bag”- It’s the color of the bag, its hara jhola is a green signal where both the receiver and the sender knows the exact purpose of use of money and what are the steps the current point needs to follow. Another name for distributors and delivery persons is “points”.

Hawala System Continued

He further said, “The money when it leaves itself, the duty of the sender is to ensure that he gives the count of the calling pattern which is one long missed call means on time, “ek lambi ghanti”. Two long missed calls means some issue, “do lambi ghantiyan”. If a blank message follows it then it means the matter is huge and needs “immediate addressal”.

If there is “one blank message” means that the person who had to meet is not at the spot which the receiver has to confirm by giving out “missed calls in short rings”. And if the situation really goes out of control, the way out for these people is “Kachra”. What these people generally do is kachra, a term used wherein they will contact next nearest highly influenced person for help.”

“Kachra” transaction commission is 2.5% of the total amount. I was able to gather its details on the sets of the movie “P.K.” when I saw Kiran Rao’s involvement in these transactions. And people from the Hawala fraternity were regular visitors to the sex. Even anushka was used to be confused of what exactly is happening around then.”

Anushka Sharma & Casting Couch

Sushant Singh added, “But what came out as another shock to me was that Anushka Sharma was the “Queen of Casting Couch” stories. Now that she is “Virat Kohli’s wife”, whoever is reading this, I humbly request that use this material only for study. Do not make a mention of it anywhere in any form. For any actions to be taken or you need this for your work, I don’t have any objection.

But this matter is of the highest shame. The only reason is me penning this down because this has a very important connection to how the casting couch works. You will know how the talent management firms that are a part of Bollywood play a major role in it. They help these white collar criminals wash their hands and have total control over the politics.

You will also understand how the casting couch and certain other pointers play a major role in the biggest curse of the nation along with corruption named as honey trapping. This honey trapping is the way these Bollywood people wash their hands clean most of the times.”

Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor

Sushant explained, “You must know how “piggy bank” became fixed deposit for Nirav Modi. Hint: work on the pet names and “younger Bhatt” became laila to Tijoriwala minister for Parveen Babi.

I had one question in my mind, do these people have conscience? But I got a beautiful answer in the mouth of “Chintu Junior” when he said that he lost his virginity at the age of 14. This is mentioned here in code because only a very very logical and smart brain can actually understand the meaning of this.

And if this in the hands of devil, here’s my second check point. Here the actions that follow from here will pass you of another test. If the intentions of the person who’s reading this is true then by the time you reach this point, I exactly know how much time you should have taken. And if you an extreme genius, you might have reached here 3 days just prior to my estimation.”

Angel Or Devil

He continued, “The way you handle this slide is a test and I wont tell you what I am expecting. This is a test hence I have written this in coded language. I am sorry if a genuine person is reading this and feels that it’s annoying. But please understand this is for the society. This is something which is going to do the justice to a lot of crimes that have happened.

And will also get the common man to understand that whatever is the situation in the country today, truth is unique and truth shall definitely win. If an angel is reading this, the person will understand my frame of my mind and if a devil is reading this, I leave it up to God whoever whatever is watching with me or without me.”

Its a miracle that Sushant could say all this. People like me would have never known the truth. He was so positive, physically fit, mentally a genius, his death is a big loss to humanity.”

SSR, Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan

Sushant Singh told, “What surprise me the most was what is the involvement of Saif Ali Khan and why was his daughter so restless when I responded to the call I received during the shooting. What positive or negative has to do in the context of this entire case? Sara Ali Khan is an innocent girl but what I am not able to conclude is why is she doing this? The people who have been the black ghost of Indian Cinema, are they behind this innocent as well?

And what I am getting by standing for these people? Nepotism is a curse on this cinema. Sara Ali Khan, is she acting or is she willfully the most cunning player amongst the lot? The biggest reason is what is the reason behind her so called portrayal of depression? These people are very very careful about their image. They keep a check on whatever media shows about them in public and say we all are one huge family.”

Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Taapsee Panuu

But what happened to this family when such a beautiful soul died? A soul who lived, worked and spent time with each of these possibly great actors! They did not even speak a single word about it. Is money above everything even emotions and pains for that matter? Why is the mother who’s pleading for justice not being entertained and is being harassed?

Is it how weak the truth is? Who will stand up for this? One side this angle and second side the angle of Mahesh Bhatt and the Bhatt family. Even more surprising is the attitude of actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Taapsee Panuu to name a few and the casual relationship they share with the media. Everyone favors Manish Malhotra over a lot of talents who genuinely are far better than this man.

But why everyone favors him over the others? The series of events running in my mind gives me strong impression that each of the so called mysterious deaths are so closely connected and the people are least bothered or concerned about what kind of image they are sharing to the rest of the world, young children, their fan following etc.”

Jiah Khan’s Death

Sushant Singh further said, “Siddharth turning rogue and so many other connected incidents. Is it the rule of the world now? If someone stands for something which is right that is wrong! Moreover if something wrong is happening, we need to shut our eyes, ears and mouth. Are we doing justice to ourselves’ conscience at least? We are in this huge shit and there is no mention about anything anywhere.

No one prefers to talk about it or talk around it. When I tried to discuss the matter the questions I get is, is she a part of your family? Is she your girlfriend? Is she someone without whom you don’t get sleepless nights? How cheap is the mentality of the people here? When the things that happen is out of their control and someone asks a logical question, these people boycott that person.

They spread theories of depression and force you to go into yourself and develop the idea that you are wrong. No matter what is going to happen, I am not someone who will step back or look back from here.”

SSR’s Conclusion

He wrote, “What is going to happen if it is written in my fate so be it but the truth is the truth. No matter what, how, when and where it comes out, I am going to continue supporting Sara Ali Khan. Because my assumptions should not be the reason for an innocent to fall prey to these people.”


This article or blog is created on the basis of information received from websites and public domain. Dr. Priyanka Jain (PT) w.r.t. http://www.drjainpriyanka.com cannot confirm its authenticity. This is not done to defame anyone. Here she has just tried to express her views.

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