“Me & The Reality of Society- The Harsh Truth” Part 4

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I am sharing a story of a Bollywood movie where there was an influential antagonist or villain dominating the entire market by not letting others open a shop on their name. If anyone did so, he killed that person. Only on one condition he would allow people to open a shop, if there would be a share of him as well. Today, I will share another story of a shopkeeper facing and fighting against such kind of hooliganism of hawkers.

You will learn where a person who abides by the rules is helpless and those who defy the rules are devious devils in power. You will go through a reality check that how our “blind law” (andha kanoon) works and for whom it actually works. It works for the devils with full integrity, honesty and dedication. Let’s start with it.

Reasons why the justice system is unfair

A shopkeeper in a government hospital is going through a phase where there is negligible sale of his food items. This is not because that there are no customers but due to those antagonists in his life who are not letting those customers reach him by reducing the penetration. Here by the antagonist, I am not referring to only one person but a bunch of hawkers sitting across the boundaries of that hospital.

Such hawkers are almost covering all the hospital borders without any legal permission or license. You must be thinking that how can I be so sure? In order to prove myself, I will present two questions which deserve to think upon. First, if the hawkers are earning their livelihood lawfully then why is it so that whenever any ministers, top officials or VVIP’S arrives in the government hospital, these hawkers disappear just like horns from donkey’s head.

In short, they pack their stuff in a jiffy and vanish. Second, you are told that these hawkers are allowed by the MCD or NDMC department. If this is so then why the same department comes abruptly and start throwing their stuffs here and there? Many times, they take their items along with them in order to clear the streets.

Bribe and Earn

Hawkers Selling Eatables Inside Government Hospital

Believe me, no rule is applicable on these hawkers. They have only one rule, “Bribe and Earn”. The more they bribe the more they earn and the cycle continues. You may find police officials removing them but it is a mirage. The authorities are not removing these street vendors in order to fulfil their duties but for not getting the bribe they decided for. You must know that how in reality officials work for the hawkers as their well-wishers.

People in power keep their eyes closed while street vendors sell their goods into the hospital premises. In fact, they allow them to reach the patient wards thereby killing the sale of a licensed shopkeeper.  Police officials keep an eagle eye on the shopkeeper’s facility just to make sure that the hawkers do not face any problem and financial loss because hawkers’ loss is ultimately their loss. 

Examples of flaws in the justice system

Examples of flaws in the justice system

Let me quote it with an example. As I said, these street vendors penetrate the hospital premises so the shopkeeper tries to give them the taste of their own medicine. How? Well, in order to increase the sale, licensed shopkeeper creates a small window at the back wall of his shop facing the street. His main aim is to target the customer outside the hospital the way hawkers are targeting the customers inside the hospital.

But soon policemen approaches him with the language of law and rights. They ask him to close the window as the shopkeeper is not allowed to sell his goods outside the hospital. He asks the policemen politely, “ Are these hawkers supposed to sell their items inside the hospital?”  They answer him, “We don’t know anything about hawkers. It is not our department to look after them.” So, to counter this, shopkeeper questioned, “Does my shop falls under your department?”

The policemen leave because they know that hospital authorities handle such shops and not the police system.

Hawkers Selling Eatables Inside Government Hospital By Cutting The Grills Of Its Boundaries

Blind Law/ Andha Kanoon

But it didn’t end there as police authorities have hundreds of tricks to harass someone whom they want to. The harassment continued. People throw disposables like plates and cup around the hospital boundaries where hawkers stay and serve. Various hospital officials target this shopman for the garbage spread around though it is the responsibility of the hawkers to clear their customers’ junk.

Just to disturb the piece of this man, street vendors burn their garbage at the back of his shop for which he is blamed solely by the concerned hospital authorities. Ultimately the shopkeeper had to bow down in front of the hawkers and authorities by closing the window. He lost to them just because he got to abide by the “blind laws.”

The shopman doesn’t want to give up so he asks the hawker, “who gave you permission to sell tea and biscuits inside the hospital.” The hawker replies arrogantly, “It’s my wish!”  Shopkeeper further adds, “ It is better that you leave else I will call the police.” Hawker gets reckless and says, “Go away! Call the police and do what you feel like!” (chal nikal! Jo chahe karna hai kar lein, Police ko bula le, ja!”. A Policeman arrives and favours the hawker. It is not wrong to say that it is his share that he favoured!

Truth of Hawkers

At this time, what happens when you raise your voice legally against the society’s odds just the way shopkeeper does. You must have heard about underdogs. They are those people who are underestimated  but hawkers are not underdogs but they are underdons!  People sympathize with them thinking that they are very poor but the reality is completely opposite.

These street vendors are so powerful that they can supress anyone coming in their way with the contacts they have and the money they possess. I must break this poor people myth in your mind regarding these hawkers. Each one of them is the owner of many properties and their children go abroad to study. They do many investments in various policies, gold, vehicles etc. which even white-collar workers find hard to make.

I am not saying that they should not possess all the above assets but the way they achieve them is not the noble one.


The shopkeeper mentioned in this blog runs his shop round the clock that is 24 hours. Now, a hawker warns him saying,” I will make it sure that your shop runs for 12 hours in daytime so that we all can run our businesses throughout the night in a much efficient way. Get ready!”.

The hospital authorities along with the police officials and the hawkers try their best to do so and in later stages, they have plans to cancel the license of this shopkeeper. You all may know once the license is cancelled, one has to fight for his right in court. There, no one gets justice overnight. It takes years and there is no guarantee of the justice to be served. One goes through the huge loss of money along with the mental piece. One is completely broke. Just realize what all happened! One starts a business to earn his living but ends up losing all.

The reason behind such mental trauma is the big loopholes in our legal system. My aim is not to demotivate you but to give you a reality check of ill happenings in our society. You are born to fight and every human has his or her struggles to deal with. You must keep yourself ready for all the hurdles which may hit you time to time. Never lose hope and let your fighting spirit be alive until you die.


This article or blog is created on the basis of real life experience. Dr. Priyanka Jain (PT) w.r.t. http://www.drjainpriyanka.com has not done this to defame anyone. Here she has just tried to express her views.

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