My last blog, “Sushant Singh Rajput – SSR Diaries Part 20” was the continuation of the conversation that happened between Sushant Singh Rajput and Mahesh Bhatt. This blog will focus on the Extortion, kidnapping, money laundering racket and child trafficking angle that Sushant Singh wrote about in his diary. He also mentioned the biggest blunder in his life which he made.

The New Chapter Contents

Sushant Singh referred to some contents that he worked upon and gathered some information about it. The chapters are as follows:

Rajput wrote, “Chapter number 1: child trafficking, drugs, extortion, money laundering, human trafficking and the mafia behind it. It also includes impact on the society of the involved people, the style of work, my analysis and our team work.

The new chapter number 2: Child trafficking 


1) The different styles of doing it

2) The begging business

3) Slum areas and how these are used

4) Role of hospitals (introduction to organ trafficking)

5) Exploitation of children

6) Its impact on the mental health

7) Various organizations involved for or against it

8) The finance angle

9) Illegal organ network

This chapter will cover the angles we have investigated into the various roles played by the various individuals. You will come to know how some people in the name of help exploit children who have no one ahead or behind them. They do this for their own selfish motives.

The new chapter number 3: Drugs and the Mafia behind it

drug mafia

1) Different kind of drugs

2) Different ways to access it

3) How the nexus works

4) People who fought against it

5) People involved in it

6) Some dirty connections

7) Political angles

8) NGO’s

9) How this happens

10) Carriers

11) The so-called stars

This chapter will have a detailed explanation to all the introduction done in the earlier slides. It also shall cover all the common angles of usage of drugs in everything, its storage and transportation too. This work did not have my direct involvement but Sameer and Disha did it. Hence, I first verified the facts before writing this down.

Why Disha Salian was scared ?

money laundering

Sushant stated, “Disha was scared and confused and told us that she was afraid as someone exposed her. Someone in our team had played fall. I was totally shell shocked but I had to tell her to calm down and we will look at it later. Because at that current moment I was totally blank. I didn’t want to assume into things so I took a little soft and then decided to do my work around it.

I will quickly finish these information I have to make notes of and then shall write about a lot of matter which I got to know. Some of these matters are still unfinished and we need to do our investigations around it. But that is how it happened. I will again say each slide that is written here is written how exactly things happened and I have explained the developments too.

If I will be killed and you get access to these diaries, you can continue this work. I will request you to have a similar set up like this and keep making notes of your day to day developments. This is important so that you can have actually everything handy or do not need to depend on anyone. You will not feel lost in the process.

The new chapter number 4:

1) Off screen people: The real heroes, some dirty angles, the struggles, some chat tells uncovered, some aspects that shock

2) Real fight done by individuals, confusions, extract theories, our analysis around it, meeting with people, the continuation of association with Mahesh Bhatt, some new faces introduced.

3) Maharashtra police angle, the authorities angle, facts around it

4) The accident, the story of Ravindra Patil, the real incidents around the road accident, the families I met, the way it was silenced, the confusions that were created in media.

5) Connections between BBPPU (Bollywood, Businessman, Police, Politics and Underworld)

6) Some information collected, some researches made, the biggest shock, the lesson learned , the impact of these lessons.

The new chapter number 4: The Deaths in Bollywood- The Long List

7) Deaths in Bollywood, the long list, the theories behind it, what was told in media and what was told by people, what police said and what was told otherwise

8) What was floated around, how did it lose track, what went wrong, some common connections, what is the real story, what is the real fact, what was hidden to the people, how did it all begin, the inspiration, the real warrior and what makes you go silent

9) What is the reason we don’t understand the pain, why is it that these people attack our personal life, what is the reason that these people are so strong, how to break them down, the conclusion.

This is the rough table of content on the chapters i am going to cover in this slide and also the real happening around a lot of incidents and some real noble souls who have fought a lot and have done so much for humanity without expecting anything in return will also be covered in these chapters. Now from here you will have an idea on how to continue the fight further.”

Explanation by Sushant Singh Rajput

Rajput stated, “Before I start speaking in detail on this chapter, I need to make a mention here is about late Bollywood actress Srideviji. You need to understand how much pain she had to undergo in trying to expose these people. This is a story of a warrior who was let down by her own people whom she would be standing for. You will know how people suffer when they don’t find solace in their near and dear ones.

Shame on our society that tortures people who are truthful. If you are a commoner then both the authority and your family, if you are a celebrity and a public figure then your family. The things that I am going to disclose now and later might shake your belief system. But trust me, this is a hard reality! This can answer a lot of questions around a lot of assumptions made around the life of certain real stars.”


Sushant said, “I am not talking about those stars who are just the on screen stars but those who were the real role models too. Certainly a lot of youngsters can look up to them. When I started this journey, I used to see Sridevi ji in some places and think that is this the real face of this woman. She is so graceful and she is involved in all this. But thank god, I was wrong as she was also fighting a war against these people.

Sridevi ji too was trying to find the base how to get to the roots of this syndicate. She wanted to stop this cabal from doing what they were. Sridevi ji was one strong warrior who was always having the right intensions. I would clearly like to mention about the right intentions because initially I had confusions. But later as the research progressed, I got to know from the very trusted source that she was doing this for her daughters.

Sridevi ji informed the agencies about her husband too but when he came out clean and tried to mend his ways, she went silent on him. But decided to expose the others and that is the real Sridevi for you.”


Singh clarified, “Sridevi ji was the mother who not just wanted her daughters but wanted everyone safe. But gave a chance to her husband because in her own words she told me, “if Boney comes out clean in front of me, this can be fought much better. If one person has to be excused for the change and if that change can do good to the society, is it not a small price I pay!”

These were exact words that trusted source told me about. I was perplexed to hear this and the respect, me and my team had for Sridevi ji grew countless folds that day. A woman who took break from everything comes back into the hang of things and throws all caution to wins. why? Just because she feels it her social responsibility to stay true to herself in the nation.

This was the quality of Sridevi ji. I also wanted to connect to her but unfortunately, she was put to rest on 24th February 2018. I was shattered and I had mentioned about the producers meeting that was held in detail. I decided we need to continue from where Sridevi ji stopped. In that attempt to get some answers to my questions, I tried to meet a lot of people.”

Sushant Singh’s Effort and SRIDEVI DEATH

Rajput expressed, “no one was actually showed interest to talk about it apart from three people. Let me go ahead with one of these people’s version first. This answered a lot of my confusions and questions as well before I get to the rest. From there I will leave it on to you to know the reason why I didn’t come out in front of the people or on social media.

In the words of this source when I asked about Sridevi ji, when Sridevi ji wanted to come out in open and tell all this to the public. Three things happened that shook her to the core and she dropped the idea. When she was discussing it out to boney Kapoor, he told her not to cross her limits. When she didn’t listen to it and that’s when emotional game started by Boney Kapoor.

Okay, I can now call it an emotional game. Because I know it for a fact that Boney Kapoor had his involvement in Sridevi’s death. Sridevi didn’t give in to the emotional game and then the real dirty game started. Boney Kapoor blackmailed her and told that if she goes out in the media, she can go. But then she should prepare herself to spend the rest of her life in the mental hospital.”

Boney Kapoor’s involvement in Sridevi’s Death

Singh told, “Boney said that if Sridevi ji goes ahead to expose these people and say anything about them, they would use all their strength to prove her mentally unstable person. They would prove that she is assuming and hallucinating into believing things that her brain wants to show her which has no connections to the reality.

She still didn’t break down then Boney took the help from the authority. He took her phone. Not just this, he even took control of Sridevi’s social media account and yes, everyone isolated her. Boney Kapoor took control of her entire life. She wanted to speak the truth and everyone around her made sure she could not do anything.

Literally everything which could get her connected to the society was in the control of Bonney. This is the reason why she could never open up to the world. This stopped her from coming out in the open. After knowing it, the first person who stuck in my mind was Rhea Chakraborty.”

Involvement of Ankita Lokhande & Rhea Chakraborty in Sushant’s Death

Sushant Singh Rajput continued, “This opened my eyes and I could connect and see through a lot of things that happened to me. I could connect to so many things which Rhea and Ankita did to me. This is the analysis where I explained how these people take control of your personal life. If it goes out of control then they can hijack your personal space too. I feel so angry on this.

So after getting these answers one thought instantly struck in my mind. It was the connection I could make on how the missing angles in my life are now seeming to be the replay of what happened in Sridevi ji’s life. let me go stepwise so that you can exactly get an idea what is running in my mind.

1) Sandeep Singh taking a break: Sandeep Singh who was always behind me like a magnet takes a break. This makes me a little open that gets the entry of Shruti Modi and others.


2) Showik Chakraborty behaving weird


3) Sandeep Nahar’s backlash: Sandeep coming hard on me and asking me to use my intellect. now I can see the entire things and can read through his anger as to what it meant. Why was I entertaining Shruti Modi on Rhea’s words? What is it that this female is back again? Sandeep Nahar asked me so many questions and I was confused why this man was wild at me.

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Now after meeting this source, it’s clear what is the thing and now I see what was the intent

Sushant continued

4) Rhea changing all my staff: I thought this was a need. Now, I see this as how Boney did to Sridevi ji. \

5) Sidharth Pithani poisoning my mind: Yes, this person was always like a tail feeding me on nonsense. He always tried to patch up for Ankit Acharya. You did this to him, You did that to him and look what he has done. When I asked what, he never gave me a proper answer. They all made believe that letting Ankit go was the best option and I did the same.

Siddharth Pithani

But now when things unfolded in front of me today after speaking to this source, I still am in confusion whom to believe whom not to. But I will myself find my answers soon. So there is nothing much I can do about it now but soon I will find out on all these angles.

6) Rhea Chakraborty taking me to Mahesh Bhatt: Now this the biggest question on why she did this! Yes, there is hidden agenda behind it. I am still hoping something comes out of Mahesh Bhatt & the contacts he shared with me. I just want to give them the impression that the game they are playing, I have no idea about it. But now it becomes even more important to have a right set of team which none of these people who are with me now will be knowing.”

Conclusion by Sushant Singh Rajput

Singh ended up saying, “I shall ensure that I will not give complete information to anyone but only selected people from now on. I will do this to see who will be with me and who will not.”

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