Carbohydrates- “The Slow Sweet Poison”

Carbohydrates- “The Slow Sweet Poison”- (Benefits, Uses, Loss)

Sweets are life, Life is all about eating Sweets

Sweets are life, Life is all about eating Sweets but Genuinely, A Slow Sweet Poison is a Life Ender so Are you killing yourselves knowingly or unknowingly?

Carbohydrates or Glucose or Sugars are present in every shop with tempting colours, shapes, size and taste. But if you observe closely, you will come to know that these all are refined sugars and if not refined, they can be sugars. But ultimately the Carb Lobby captures the market with their product for more than 90%.

What’s Rolling in Your Mind?

I bet there must be loads of Chocolates, Candies, Ice-creams and Sweets (slow sweet poison) rolling in your mind. Wow, Fantasizing the taste of the above mouth- watering products. Naturally, you must be dying to eat them and gradually you will definitely die after consuming them.

Even if you get rid of sweets (slow sweet poison) and chocolates, it is very disheartening to say that the “Sugar or Carbohydrate Globe” still surrounds you. Yes, I mean it, because the Carbohydrates which you are eating in day-to-day life are “Simple Sugars”. I would love to give you some nicknames for Carbohydrates. Different known companies sell these products fooling and playing around with common man’s health for humongous profit.

Carbohydrates Nicknames

Sugar, Starch, Fibres, Glucose and Saccharides (slow sweet poison) are some of the nicknames you must be aware of. Let’s do the Reality check! You must have been to the supermarket to buy some groceries or so. Have you ever noticed what in actual it is filled up with? You will observe Pulses, Wheat, Rice, Biscuits, Chocolates, Cornflakes, Porridge, vermicelli, baked items, confectionaries, Namkeens (Crisps Salty), Chips, Fruits, Cold drinks, Juices, Oats, Bread, Mueseli, Cakes and what else can we think of!

Sugar, Starch, Fibres, Glucose and Saccharides

Till now I have mentioned lots of food items. Do you know which category they actually fall in? Its Carbohydrates (slow sweet poison) . Yes, they are those sugars which might not taste sweet to your taste buds. But that doesn’t mean that they are not sugars. I bet that maximum population never try to get into the nutritional facts which they are eating since ages.

The Dominating Nutrient

Just go through the list and see which is the dominating nutrient in it? Is it the Protein, the Fats or yours favorite Carbohydrates! Even if you know that your product is full of Carbohydrates, you feel content and happy. Because you all have been very nicely brainwashed about the Carbohydrates being known to serve as the main source of energy in your body.

Plants and some other organisms use a process called photosynthesis to produce the energy. They synthesize nutrients in the presence of sunlight by using water and carbon dioxide. This leads to the production of glucose and oxygen. The cells either immediately utilize glucose or stores it in the form of starch in the plant tissues. That means plants make less/ no/ incomplete proteins but comprises of abundance of glucose or sugar (slow sweet poison) .

The herbivores animals have the capability to digest this glucose with fiber or cellulose. But we, humans should not eat plants and fibers as we do not contain enzyme “Cellulase” as these animal do. In fact the energy which we get from such sources is not sustainable.

History Of Carbohydrates (Slow Sweet Poison):

Let’s get into the history and analyze what our ancestors used to feed on. Was there any facility of supermarkets, food markets or even refrigerators? Obviously, the answer is No, rather they used to hunt and gather food for themselves. That’s why they were called “Hunters and Gatherers”. They were dependent on animal flesh and during unsuccessful hunt, they would have eggs or berries. These berries were the only source of Carbohydrates with minimal amount of glucose in it before the era of agriculture began.

The agricultural age started 10,000 years ago but we humans as a species are much older than it. Human at that time survived purely on meat and gathering of food like eggs and berries. With such limited access to food and technology, they had much stronger built. They owned massive structure of bones and muscles, that too with a good height. But nowadays, the generation is very fragile and prone to metabolic disorders. They also are showing up with shorter height, extensively retarted growth pattern despite of having sufficient access to food, medical technology and what not.

Let me take you back in time again. You might analyze why and how all this happened. In agricultural age which started 10,000 years ago, humans explored various techniques of growing different food items. Their dependency of on home grown food increased to 90 percent. And consumption of animal food sources decreased from 90 percent to 10 percent. This even led to a huge difference in genetics like height when compared to pre- agricultural age (Paleolithic age)

More About History

I must tell you that there was a difference of about 6 inches in their height. And now just think how a human body was forced to compensate with the decline in the anatomical and physiological aspects. This was exclusive result of shifting the food sources from protein and fats rich ones to a sugar filled inferior source. A human body never needed this.

How unfortunate we Indians are that despite of having such a rich culture, fashion, food or be it something else, we started imitating the Western Culture in each and every aspect of our life. It will be an Eye Opener for many people. Because I will discuss the history of the food eating habits of “Western Countries” for example U.S.A. In early 1930’s, you can watch many videos showing all of them lean. But what happened that Today America became the leader in Diabetes and Obesity?

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Introduction to incorrect Dietary Food Sources:

It’s the introduction of incorrect food for which they had been continuously educated to consume. Low fat diet was introduced in 1961 by American Heart Association and FDA carefreely. Americans increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables by 17% and grains by 29% and simultaneously decreased the consumption of fat by 30% from 43%. Just after this 1 in 7 adults was obese and after 4 years this number increased and 1 in every 3 was obese. Diabetes was increased from 1 to 11 % in adults. What led to this deterioration of nation’s health? Can you guess?

Earlier they used to eat meals full of “Proteins and Fats” and Carbohydrate quantity was similar to that of the pickle we eat nowadays. Gradually they shifted their food source from “Proteins and Fats” to “Grains- the Carbohydrates”.

This happened because an influential person made a hypothesis that Saturated Fats like Coconut Oil, Ghee, Butter, Full fat cream etc. were harmful. He claimed that, “Eating Fat will make you Fat” and it will further lead to various deadly metabolic disorders especially Cardiovascular related issues. But This is not True rather “Eating Glucose will turn you into Glucose”, meaning glucose will be running through your bloodstream leading to generation of unhealthy biproduct like Diabetes.

The Best Fuel For Energy

Of course, Diabetes is not at all healthy and Hold your Horses before choosing carbohydrates as an energy source for your body. People may say that if you feed yourself with carbohydrates, your body uses carbs as a fuel but what if you feed yourself with Fat? Don’t you think, your body will have to use the fat as a fuel thereby burning a good amount of Fat and giving you a sustainable energy.

After all protein and fats build up the structure of our trillion of cells so we need proteins and fats to sustain in the world. Didn’t get it? These are some of the top-notch topics of nutrition which you need to understand so to follow a correct nutrition. This we nicely explain at Fitness Cravers Academy.

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Carbohydrates & Metabolic Disorders:

It’s a matter of fun that the above Hypothesis turned into complete fiasco. Due to the growth of diseases and disorders like obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and a number of metabolic disorders. You will be amazed to know that America is the Leader of all the above-mentioned health issues. The food table of every house in India at present is dominated by western look. Like food from breakfast till dinner like oats, cornflakes, pancakes, chocolates, burger, pizza, cold drinks, noodles (Maggi) and many others tempting products. Today’s generation is completely relying on such sugary foods. Which leads to loss of hair, poor memory, digestive issues, behavioral changes, allergies, poor energy levels, bone and muscle pain and retarted growth patterns.

Carbohydrates are Killing Health Slowly

The previous generation was in much better state though their food was also not up to the mark. But at least there was no genetic modification and adulteration. In 1970’s our country underwent “Green Revolution” in order to end the food scarcity of country. But what actually happened is that they utilizedHIGH YIELDING VARIETY SEEDS” (HYVS), enhanced fertilizers and pesticides. It did meet the food demand of the nation but the quality of the crops was highly compromised. We know that the wheat crop in todays time is short heighted. But do you really think it was that small since beginning?

Wheat & Its Genetic Modification:

If your answer is yes, then you are absolutely not right as wheat crop was a tall crop which was susceptible to destruction in presence of strong breeze, heavy rains and many other environmental factors. Genetic modification led to a short heighted crop to avoid the destruction and increase the production. The sad part is it was thrown in the market without testing and experimenting with its efficacy. It is very dreadful to describe the adverse effects of such genetically modified crops over our health. Such profit-making industries are not just playing but ending our lives slowly and the fun part is, “we are enjoying it”.

LSD Sugar

The youth around the globe is into many drugs like hash, weed, cocaine, LSD or heroine. Parents are very much concerned for such addiction which is killing their generation. But dear parents have you ever thought of the drug that surrounds you since ages. You and your loved ones are unable to get rid of this Slow Sweet Poison.

Carbohydrates – The king of All Drugs

Carbohydrates or sugars (slow sweet poison) are even 7 times more addictive than the above-mentioned drugs and you are the proof for not letting go the carbohydrates out of your lives as you find it near to impossible. If someone asks you to leave or minimize the intake of Roti, Chapati, Rice, Pulses, Sweets, Oats, Dalia, Parathas, Samosas, Water Balls, Cakes so you will think that either that person is not in his senses or he is fooling around with you. Such thoughts come in your mind owing to addiction towards carbohydrates.


Carbs or Fats: Which One is Sustainable Fuel?

You always look forward to efficiency in every aspect of your life. When you hire an employee for your organization you hire a person who is efficient with multi-task performing qualities so, why don’t you apply the same rule while choosing food commodities. Let me make you understand with an example the above statement.

As I spoke about efficiency so, 1 gm of Carbohydrates gives you 4 kcal of energy while 1 gm of Fat provides you with 9 kcal of energy which is more than double of Carbohydrates. Now you must be thinking two things, First, that carbohydrates are good for you because it is delivering less kilocalories as compared to fat hence, refraining you from getting overweight. Second, As the name suggests, “Ingesting Fat will make you Fat” so, you avoid eating fat because of the scary name.

As William Shakespeare rightly said, “WHAT’S THERE IN NAME”. Its true because if we go by the name, “CARBOHYDRATES” (slow sweet poison) shouldn’t be making you fat but in reality, it is and “FAT” as the name suggests should make you fat but literally it is not. I have endless examples to prove the above statement.

Know The Facts

Spend some quality time with your parents. Discuss what they and their parents were accustomed to eat on daily basis. They will certainly enhance your knowledge by letting you know that their food portions contained milk products like  full fat milk, ghee, white butter, paneer/cottage cheese, butter milk , curd  and let me bring it to your knowledge that all these products contained predominantly Saturated Fats which according to today’s Health Organisations is “BAD FAT”.

If it was so bad then how come our grand parents were stronger than us with a longer life span and they were highly immune to diseases. Its not even just about longer life span but “Quality of life” does matter.

Eggs - Chicken - Butter Ghee

Carbs & Insulin:

Just imagine yourself living your life for 80 years with pain, allergies, digestive issues and a big buffet of different colorful medicines. The cherry on the cake is the dependency on others for all your daily activities. Now this the beauty of SUGARS. As per our surroundings we all believe that joint pain, stoop posture and many metabolic disorders are a part of degeneration.

And a person who is ageing is bound to get such troubles. You have started considering it so common that you have stopped thinking whether it is genuinely normal or not. The outlook of the society towards the ageing and its manifestations is not normal. Because anyone can enjoy a pain free, independent, old age provided he or she should be following a correct nutrition.

The way you think that Carbohydrates giving lesser kilocalorie of energy. 1gm Carbohydrates = 4 kcal is good for you but this is not the case. Because our body is like a sports car which is meant to perform not merely to work. To function efficiently, we need a denser energy providing nutrient   which is FAT as 1 gm of fat provides 9 kcal of energy.

So, in order to fill our energy tanks, we will have to eat a lot of Carbohydrates meaning larger quantity but lesser quality.

The time you ingest carbs or glucose, a hormone called INSULIN is secreted by beta cells of the pancreas. It goes into the main blood stream & is responsible for lowering the blood sugar level down. You usually take 3-4 meals in a day loaded with carbs. Thereby forcing our insulin hormone to overwork for managing the blood glucose level.

Over a period of time this torture to insulin makes our body cells RESISTANT towards INSULIN.

Carbs & Obesity:

The net outcome is fat gain following obesity with additional perks of diabetes, hypertension, nephropathy, retinopathy, neuropathy, gout and it includes infinite list of diseases. Now after such facts, people still propagate carbohydrates as a primary source of energy.

Fat is a denser nutrient and it should be the primary source of energy. But it has always been ignored just because of the name without knowing its physiology and the crucial functions which it performs in and for body from providing structure to our cells to giving us energy.

The main root cause of our tremendous shift towards the carbohydrate (Glucose Dominating) food sources is influential “Carb Lobby” which is ruling the food industry throughout the world. They are not only ruling but also controlling the state of mind and behaviour of maximum population thereby deciding what should go into Your stomach and what should not.

Carbohydrates - Uses , Benefits , Loss


Nowadays you cannot even rely on research papers. Because these carb lobbies are so powerful and market dominant that they are capable of manipulating with the Scientists whose researches promote the benefits of fats and protein sources. Trust me, these organisations are efficient enough to fund these researches. And make researchers write in favour of their product just to earn their living by ending ours.

But is it the carb lobby which is responsible for making us unhealthy or should you also take the responsibility of providing incorrect nutrition to your body systems? As I rightly mentioned earlier that you cannot completely rely on research papers than what else can be a trust worthy source! Obviously it is the physiology, if you have ever heard of this word.

Once you start studying the physiological effects of any nutrient on your body systems it will open up your senses with logical reasonings. After going through all this it will make you curious to have a in-depth study and you will get the valid solutions for all the queries related to health issues which you must have been looking for a very long time.

Now let’s compare Carbohydrates  and Fats functions to get a clear picture: 

So Carbohydrates (slow sweet poison) are providing you with instant but not sustainable energy. THAT’S ALL YOU GOT?????? But Fats provides you with sustainable energy required to Perform which is much more than carbohydrates. Fats are responsible for the absorption of vitamin and minerals. It helps in making bile juice. It conducts messages from nervous system to whole body and here it also includes infinite list of functions.

Have you ever wondered why your visit to a dentist has increased so much? As sugar is the main root cause of tooth decay and our consumption of sugar is undoubtedly more so the visit is more.

But let us focus on eskimos adapted to an extremely cold and ice bound environment. Like Alaska or Artic in which vegetation is almost non-existent, there are no markets available, lack of variety of food and their major food sources are whale, seal, walrus and fish. So, if you observe closely, they are consuming entirely fats and proteins.

History Continued…

They don’t even have tooth brushing facility but still they own stronger teeth without visiting a dentist. To get the flesh off the bone, eskimos need a good amount of strength in their teeth. The Eminent people and organizations always criticized protein and fat food sources.

But if proteins and fats have been so bad then how could eskimos survive with non-availability of carbohydrates which has been crowned as king of nutrients to provide energy.

History of carbohydrates - Hunters and Gatherer

The Universal Facts & Our Conclusion:

The Universal Facts are “You will never find a food in nature that is high in Carbohydrate and Fats!” and “You will never find a food in nature that is high in Carbohydrate and Proteins! Mother nature has naturally gifted us with a beautiful blend of Proteins and Fats and you will always find them together.

Carbohydrates (Conclusion) By Dr. Priyanka Jain PT  

Carbohydrates Conclusion By Dr. Priyanka Jain PT

For Example:

  • Eggs contain protein and fat combination into 1:1 ratio.
  • Non-vegetarian food sources like chicken, meat, fish are all the fusion of Proteins and fats, again with zero Carbohydrates.
  • CEREALS are high in carbohydrates, contains very small quantity of fats and proteins.
  • Vegetables are high in fibrous carbs.
  • Roots and tubers (potato, sweet potato, yam, onion, carrot, radish, beetroot) are mainly carbohydrates.
  • Fruits (Banana, apple, Papaya, Orange) and Dry fruits are mainly dominated simple sugars.
  • Nuts and oilseeds, almonds, macadamia, walnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, flaxseed etc. contain mainly fat, small quantity protein and carbohydrate.

Tips to Follow Low Carb Diet

From the above examples you can have a clear view of the dominant nutrients.  Apart from animal food sources the plant-based products contain either carbohydrates or a very negligible amount of fats and proteins. You won’t find natural plant-based food sources high in either Carbs and Fats or Carbs and Proteins. So I would like you to stick to the following points:

  1. You should follow a low carbohydrates dietary approach.
  2. It should not be low calorie approach.
  3. You should not consume food sources high in fats and carbs as it’s a lethal combination e.g., bread with butter.
  4. You should not consume food sources which are high in Proteins and carbs as it’s also poor combination. E.g., Chicken with Naan, Chicken Biryani.
  5. Dietary Fats do not make you fat.
  6. Dietary Proteins neither make you fat nor damage your body.
  7. But Dietary Carbohydrates do make you fat and damage your body homeostasis.

I wish this article turns out to be productive and informative. Hope you get something out of it to improve your quality of life. I will discuss an interesting topic soon which will change the way you interpret things.

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